Friday, July 10, 2009

Three days and no new lawsuits filed...we're doing O.K.

Yes, Vernon and I are managing to get through the day with a smile on our faces, however, my poor Sara isn't doing as well. I just can't believe a judge is even going to entertain this and 2nd...I'd be surprised if the crack whore remembers to show up. I sincerely believe she will be in jail on some other charge before this goes to court so Vernon and I are moving forward...and we're dragging Sara along regardless. I spend got off 2...12 hrs shifts in Salty Yarns so I'm recouperating in the office. I'm off today and tomorrow so I'm getting lots of office work done...whoppee! Bills paid (I can hear the vendors sigh of relief as I type), and I checked my bank balance this morning and the good news....they won't bounce. I love having on-line God first thing I do when I get in is check my balance to see if I'm going to have a good day (barely enough but enough) or a great day (I can write many checks and they will all clear). My battle with IRS is still on-going but I've sent the paperwork off for what I pray will be the last time. And as long as they are satisfied, I won't have to deal with the State again that's good news. And the other good news...the weather is perfect for me down here. Last night I opened my windows and the cross ventilation brought cool air and I slept like a baby (cool air and Sara got me sleeping pill to send me off to dream land)...yes, I woke up once, but got right back to sleep. So I'm a happy camper weather wise...unfortunately with temps in the 60's at night I'm afraid the visitors aren't quite as thrilled. But those with height challenges (we're fat, but doesn't height challenged sound better) it's delicious. I know the hot and muggy is coming back so I'm enjoying it now. It makes me laugh though, when people come in and say how cold it is's's 70 degrees ... not exactly cold and the sun is shining during the day so I'm sure on the beach they can still get a burn. I would say that it's Paradise however, our paradise has been marred a little this year what with the crack whore, etal. But give us a couple of weeks to get over it and we'll be able to laugh again. In the meantime....I hope you are having a great summer. I hope you are getting lots of stitching done....

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