Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

While you are busy preparing for the big family barbeque in the back yard...setting off a few fireworks and enjoying just a day from work...we are preparing outselves for our battle with the foreigners who use our property as their personal toilet. We have Brian on duty from 8a.m.-10 p.m. keeping an eagle eye on the parking lots which are also targets for parking and's a two for. Sara and I will man our posts as it's closer to firecracker time...but during the day I'm here at the computer ready to do battle with anyone who e-mails me. Yes, I'm ready for the fight. Sara wasn't quite ready when she awoke this morning to find a check in from last night standing outside waiting to get in. (we're old fashioned and rent to families and couples only so we lock all entrances at 2:30 a.m. It keeps the drunks out). Anyway, they came in pissed off as they had arrived after 3:00 a.m. to find the doors locked...which everyone is aware of as we tell them over the phone at the time of the reservation and also it's in the confirmation that apparently no one ever reads...and they become ignorant as to what they were told over the phone. So the girl who didn't make the reservation argued with Sara while the boyfriend who did make the reservation (and had stayed here previously) just remained mum. Sara was less than awake and certainly not she kept explaining why they found the doors locked (we actually state that no one can check in after midnight...but again, apparently these two were too ignorant to read). So this battle went on for apparently some time with Sara telling them they were welcome to go elsewhere and get a room...which they didn't want to do (damn it) after absolutely aggravating Sara to stroke level, they went up to their room cursing and aggravating her even further. Yes, we're having a great start to our 4th of July. I can only hope it gets mother always said, "a bad beginning is a good ending). Let's hope mother knew what she was talking about. I on the other hand have had a good week. First with Debbie and Dina's been fun..and then Janet S., Evelyn and Edna came in and we had fun catching up, etc. They were afraid to speak for fear they'd end up in the newsletter (blog) so I have to say they were a treat. And to top it off...they brought me chocolate covered pretzels...whoppee!!!!! and since they didn't know if I liked dark chocolate or milk, they brought me a bag of each..double whoppee!!!! Thanks ladies...I've enjoyed them and I actually shared them (not my usual thing..I usually hide them...I think I'm becoming a better person..probably not since I left them there at the end of my shift and before I remembered where I put them Connie had already taken a couple...but that means I did share right?). Candi W. and Linda W., came in on Friday and we sat and stitched in the lobby since I was not working in the shop, and then they bought me lunch...another whoppee! I like the way this work week and stitchers...there's nothing better. But the fun is over for we do battle with everyone apparently. I'd better go suit up and get ready...where the hell is the taser...I'm taking no prisoners this start to pee here and you will be electrocuted. Pass the word

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