Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Will this nightmare ever end?

O.K., we are still dealing with the crack whore in court...October right before Jamboree...don't think I won't have a few stories about this. Anyway, last night as I'm working in the shop Sara appears frothing at the mouth like a mad dog with steam coming out of her ears and her eyes bugged out of her head. And then the rant....apparently we have a "crack daddy" as she loves to refer to the man, when in actuality he is a drunk...just a worn out, trashy drunk who is visiting with his mother...yes this idiot is in a room with his mother who is not a trashy drunk, but apparently since the man is at least in his 30's or 40's (it's hard to tell when they are drunks because they let themselves go...ya think?). Anyway, last night she sees him coming down the steps with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and goes up and says (she said sweetly), "Excuse me sir but we are a smoke free hotel so you cannot smoke inside, but you are welcome to smoke outside on the deck." He mumbled something with his mother hurrying behind him and went outside. She was downstairs with Michael riding scooters in the alley (a safe environment in the summer with cars whizzing by doing 70mph.)...when the "Crack Daddy" or from now on I will refer to him as "Drunken Asshole" comes off the parking lot carrying a bag from McDonalds (obviously taking his mother out to dinner to the finest restaurants) and with the cigarette hanging once again out of his mouth. He walks his mother to the back steps, and then he turns around and goes back to the car while his mother goes in. He then comes back, looks around and throws the McDonalds bag on the ground near our side steps so Sara hurrys over to speak to him yet once again about throwing trash on the property (he had to pass the dumpster to get to the stairs) and as he was going inside she told him once again we did not allow smoking in the hotel and he then flicked the lit cigarette at her. So she was a screaming manic and came over to tell me she was giving him one more chance and then she was kicking his drunken ass out, and his mother as well. Yes, we have 3 days of this to look forward to. The "drunken asshole" appeared this morning so drunk he almost fell backwards down the stairs (where did this person come from and how do they all find our hotel?). Anyway, one of the other guests asked Mary if he stayed drunk as he watched him on the porch yesterday after the drunk asked him where he could get French Fries (first clue the drunk is drunk since they sell them right on our property). So the guest pointed toward Thrashers and the drunk goes and gets fries, falls down flat on the ramp coming back...the fries go flying out of the cup all over the boardwalk, the drunk scrapes them up off the boardwalk, puts them back in his cup, comes back to the porch sits on the rocker and proceeds to eat them. I'm telling you birds have pooped on the ramp, people are walking on that's not sterile by any means. Kind of makes you wonder what the floors at his house look like. Good God, people...this is almost too much for me. God knows what today will bring. Our guests love the front porch because of the entertainment (free...I should charge) they get. 2 nights ago our front desk clerk called me in the shop looking for Sara. I said she was with Michael and asked what the problem was and he said, "Someone fell down a step from the front porch"....lawsuit time I we got Sara and she went out and handled it initially...then I went out to make sure she wasn't freaking out and a guest stopped me to say, "I saw the entire thing...she missed a step because she's blind." I asked him who she was with and she was with 2 other blind people. This is clearly a case of the blind leading the blind. The two with canes forgot to mention to the one without a cane that there were 3 steps not 2, hence she fell. I have to ask you this our fault? I say no. I can't be responsible for you finding stairs if you are blind. Responsibility people...take some. Anyway, a taxi was called to get the 3 of them to the medical center...they weren't even staying with us they were staying next door at the Paradise. I'm getting it from all sides. Meanwhile Sara handled it like a pro but was a nervous wreck afterward. Poor thing...this has definitely been the summer from hell. You know I think I prefer the squatters peeing in the parking lot rather than what I've put up with this summer! Anyway, I have seen a few stitchers this week...Thank God, as it's the only thing keeping me sane! Lois M. was in and brought me a goodie bag....a cooler bag loaded with Margarita' we can get drunk and join the drunken asshole smoking on the front porch. Maybe then he won't seem so bad. Anyway, a big thank you to know the way to my heart...and Sara's... since I have promised to share. We've found the way to make it through the summer...drink! Pretty soon I will be joining Sara's favorite tenant of the week...Drunk asshole...who as I was at the front door keeping a watchful eye on him took both his dentures out and they are now resting comfortably in his hands...yes he's lovely to look at now with no teeth, but he has refrained from smoking for a couple of minutes so that's a good sign, but everytime he gets up he's so shaky he looks like he's going to fall flat on his face...and he probably will. Honestly why is this man here...surely he'd be more comfortable at home drinking and sleeping on his front porch. Why us Lord, oh why us? Well,enough of that...we have other fish to fry.... have you tried calling Comcast lately? All the calls are routed through their call centers so even if you think you are calling get routed. So far today we've been routed through Florida and Delaware and still haven't gotten an answer to the question. Last year Vernon took some of the bad cable boxes which couldn't be zapped up to the office to exchange them for good boxes. He was told never to do that...he was to call first because they would need time to get the new boxes ready. (They walk in the back and pick them up..but apparently that need advance notice that they are going to have to get up out of their chairs). Anyway, so today we started trying to call them. I called 3 times and each time got routed. So I asked, on the third call, how I was suppose to call the Ocean City office directly. The young man gave me the number...which I advised him led me right back to him....which he couldn't understand so he said, hold on...I'll call them for you....when he came back on he said, "Well, apparently you are right because the call came back to me." I love it when a plan works. So he decides that giving me a CR # will be good idea because then when I go into Comcast (and when I say I, I mean Vernon) he can show them the number to prove we tried calling (like who has time for this shit) Vernon goes up to them the number and they said, "Oh, just ignore what you were told last year...just bring the boxes in." This is what I call busy work Comcast...and I'm not into busy work so stop making up rules to follow and changing the damn things. Speaking of jackasses... Delaware Elevator showed up for the 3rd day in a row. I honestly think they are going to keep working on this darn thing until it's finished...for which the poor young men who have run the stairs all summer with crap from tenants will be forever grateful. One family last week brought about 8 cases of water which apparently had to be taken upstairs all at once. Sara felt so sorry for the guys that she was helping as was Michael, my 8 year old grandson (and guess who got the tip). Now you know they could have cut the guys some lack and let them take up 2 every day...but no...all at once. Somebody better be tipping these guys and I mean well. Some of this is slepped up 2 flights of stairs...3 really from the ground floor. And people bring everything but the kitchen sink. One family who has around 10 people bring food, which they make at home for every meal, tucked in huge rubbermaid bins. I've never seen so much food in my life premade. It's a great idea if you think about it. They save money on eating out and yet don't have to do anything but pop it in the oven when they are ready for dinner. But mercy...I'm talking multiply bins...and I mean perhaps 10 huge bins. And they aren't alone in that. I'm not sure but rubbermaid must be the new luggage because I've passed the Americana in the morning coming to work twice and saw people pushing the luggage cart loaded down with bins rather than luggage filled with cloths. Is that the new luggage? God I'm so far behind the times. They must travel in trucks or'd never get all that in a car. Well, I've got to get ready for work. Like Comcast I need time to rise from my chair...meditate and pray for an easy night in the shop. So I'll sign off and pray for a good night for us all.

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