Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You are not going to believe this....

I lost my broadband connection a couple of days ago, which makes things incredibly hard for me since I do a lot of stuff at home for the shop, ordering, picking up orders, answering e-mails...well, you get my drift. Anyway, today I came home and called Comcast, my broadband supplier...went through the whole gammet of "if you are a customer press 1, if you have a problem press 2" needless to say it took me a couple of tries since I kept pressing the wrong buttons (I am too old for technology) but I finally got the message I was looking for "if you would like to speak to a rep press 1" and I was pressing 1 like my life depended upon it. Hector answered, and I lost a little hope thinking I might be talking to Mexico, but Hector turned out to be English speaking and a gentlemen and my savior. I explained that I lost the connection, turned off the box and turned it back on and still nothing...he took more information so I thought a repairman was in my future. I looked around the house, which was cleaned a month ago for the repairman from Comcast (I'm starting to think my Mother is orchestrating this from heaven as a means to keep my house picked up and clean) and thought.."well I've got to do some picking up before I allow anyone in..." and then Hector asked if I was in front of my computer so I went back to my needlework/computer room and sat down..he said turn on the computer and try to bring up the internet and low and behold he was able to reconnect it from his desk. I love Hector. And, this is what you are not going to believe.....Hector then asked how long the connection had been down and I said 2 days (could have been 3 but I thought what the hell)...and it comes...Hector then said, "If you will just hold on for a minute, I'll credit your account for the 2 days you were unable to get on the internet." I was floored since I lost it before and no one said that to me. I'm asking for Hector from now on....It may be pouring rain outside, but I'm having the best day. And that is amazing since I just got back from putting my taxes in the mail....oh, my, that feeling that I'm just throwing money down a rat me a somewhat sinking feeling, however, I am glad it's over and done with. This time of year gives me a ulcer. Stitch 'n Bitch...we had the usual suspects at Stitch 'n Bitch this time. Kay F. brought the goodies and she went way beyond the call of duty. Oh, boy, I'm telling you it's worth coming to Stitch 'n Bitch just to eat, which is basically what I do, and I have to tell you I do it well. I did have 3 new pieces to show and tell. The first one I actually finished in time for the May 2008...but it sat in a closet for almost a year because I was too lazy to take it to the framer. It's the Little House Needleworks "Heart of America" with the frame from Crescent Colours. I just loved this piece and love it even today. There was a quirk which I found of the rectangular areas was suppose to have your date of finish in it, but then they also had one that was suppose to show your date of starting it. Well I started and finished in one month so I thought 2 of the same date didn't make sense to I ended up using something different in that square, block whatever. But I am thrilled to have it framed and hanging now. The second piece was also finished in 2008, sometime in December and since it's a Shepherd's Bush you know I loved it. It was such a pleasure to work on, and the different stitches were so much fun. It was kitted with vintage fabric, which is not a big favorite of mine...I'm just not a splotchy person, however, I was too lazy to cut new fabric so I just went with it. But part of the splotch looks like a line which just looks like I didn't clean it and it was dirty. When I put it down for the framer she actually said, "Would you like to take this home and try to get this out?" So while I still don't like that specific part, I loved the process. And I also like the overall piece. It's called "Emmanuel". Now, I am also a "hater" of the lettering that Shepherd's Bush has been using for the last several years, primitive looking to me. When I first started doing Shepherd's Bush they had the most elegant lettering, just beautiful and I love all my old Shepherd's Bush pieces because of it. Then several years ago they switched to a very primitive lettering which frankly sometimes is very difficult to read. I just think it detracts from the lovely pieces and so I've always regraphed the words using different lettering. I found an alphabet by Merry Cox that I've been using recently and that's what is shown on this one. The framer used a beautiful frame which had a burgundy tint that is just gorgeous on this piece. My final piece is a Country Cottage Collection piece that came out in Nashville 2009 (I catching up)...called "She Sells Seashells", isn't it just cute, cute, cute? I had it framed in the Crescent Frame which I thinks just fits it perfectly. Then, Candi W. brought her Milady's Needle "Acorn Box & Scissor Fob (which she finished at Stitch 'n Bitch so she could teach us what she learned in the Jane Timmer Class). She did such a wonderful job with it. It's stitched over 2 on 40 count. Candi does such beautiful stitching and she's only really been into it for about a year. She's even turned a room in her house into a stitching room which you can see if you go on her blog. She is so cute when she talks stitching because she's so enthusiastic. In the beginning she only worked on one project at a time...then it was two at a time. She now says she will only work on 3 at a time, but last night she bought another chart and fabric and said she just has to start this one too, making it 4....there isn't a stitcher alive who can't relate to that. Attached to her scissor fob are the little gem scissors from Kelmscott which are the perfect size for the little acorn box, don't you think? Tomorrow I'm going to post the pictures of Linda W.'s casket. It's too gorgeous for words and there are several pictures since there are stitched pieces on 5 sides, and I'm exhausted from posting you will just have to wait until tomorrow. Chocolate report: for those of you who have followed my chocolate coating drama, it continues. I was fixing salads, etc., for the annual church card party, and while at the grocery store saw the strawberries were on sale, so I thought, I'll just dip some strawberries as an added treat. Not one lick of chocolate coating could I find. Now I know I could add parafin to chocolate chips, but people...I don't want to do that (but if forced will)...I want my coating and I want it now. I e-mailed the Eagle Brand company since their name is on it and after 2 years and 2 tries, they answered me this time and informed me that they no longer carried it for Borden I would have to contact Borden. So I got on my trusty computer, went to the Borden web site and asked where their stores were and got one who would Eagle Brand Borden Chocolate coating...oh, my God. I ordered 20 pounds of it, yes 20 pounds of chocolate coating. I had at least 10 pounds after Christmas and yet I was down to -0- after Jane Timmers weekend. You all know how I love to dip those cookies. Anyway, I'll be back in the strawberry dipping, cookie dipping business any day. Whoopee....just in time for Spring Retreat. Got to stitching is calling me. I've got 2 pieces in the works, one nearing completion and the other a week away. I'm on a roll now after being at Stitch 'n Bitch. Many of the ladies were working on their Lauren Sauer pieces, but not all and they inspire me every time to go home and stitch like a maniac...which is what I intend to do now. So have a great day, save some time for stitching...and I'll talk tomorrow and post Linda's pictures.

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