Thursday, April 16, 2009

The sun came out and my chocolate arrived...

Yes it was a good day on Thursday, except....I fell asleep before Survivor and woke up after it was over so now I've got to wait for them put it online so I can see it...crap! But the good news is....the sun came out today....and while it was a little cool...the sun came out. Alleluia...and the better news's getting warmer and this weekend is suppose to be in the 60's. Yes, summer is right around the corner. And my chocolate arrived. Oh, my God, I'm back to dipping my cookies and strawberries....ahh, all is right with the world. And more good news...the goodie bags for the retreat arrived....and I've been busy ordering stuff to go in them and that's starting to arrive...which means Spring Retreat is right around the corner....oh, we can hardly wait. Now, I promised you I'd put up pictures of Linda W.'s casket and here it is....the first picture is the top of the casket. I don't need to explain the other pictures, except I wanted to point out the front. Here she put her initials and date of birth, plus the finish date, and each of her daughters initials and their date of birth. This makes the casket even more valuable to's a true family heirloom. Linda stitched this in about a month and had it to us to display in the shop Palm Sunday. She took it to her framer to have the pieces mounted and they did a beautiful job with that. If you need framing done, try Classic Framers in Salisbury...they are very good. The casket itself was made locally and retails for approximately $180.00. The Sampler Cove chart is retired but in it's place they have a new Quaker Design that's called "Quaker Casket Again" which looks just like the original Quaker Casket! Anyway, Kudos to Linda for a gorgeous piece and it will hold so much. There is plenty of room inside these caskets to hold so many needlework smalls, or perhaps supplies, well, let's just say it will hold alot. Linda and her daughter Candi are so sweet and stitch such wonderful pieces, which they then bring in and let me use for display. So when you come in, take a look at their projects....inspirational. I spent the day in the shop and couldn't wait to get home to stitch. What am I working on...still working on the Shepherd's Bush, "Sail Away" and Little House Needleworks, "Liberty and Justice." I'm halfway done with Sail Away and 1 hour away from finishing Liberty and Justice...I'm so excited because that means I get to start a new piece, and I have plenty to choose from at home or with new pieces coming in every day in the shop...I have those to choose from. Oh, My, I'm just too busy going through stash and the shop. Have you looked at the Needlework Show on-line. It's always fun going through the show because there are a lot of companies I've never dealt with and it's interesting to see what they have. Of course, I've placed a few I'm exciting as I wait for them to arrive. Every day is like Christmas now as we head into our busy season. Very exciting for the shop. Well, I've got to end so have a great day....and I'll talk to you later.

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LadyDoc said...

I am so glad I found this blog- I really enjoy reading your posts so much! It's just like sitting (standing?) in the shop and listening to you!

So, where is this "needlework show" online?