Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh Crap!!!!!

I worked all morning blogging and forgot to post it and guess what? It didn't save it like it usually does so when I arrived home tonight to post was missing. So now I've had to start over which explains the Crap comment! Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend with 19 stitchers taking the class and Jane Timmers is one of the best teachers we've had. First of all she is very organized. Stitchers spent Friday night organizing their
notebooks and what a valuable tool this is going to be for them. In addition to samples of boards to use in finishing boxes, etc., they have samples of every type of lining, shirtex, etc. needed and then they made cordings using different fibers all of which is stored in the notebook for reference. They also finished a pinkeep to take home which demonstrates the 3 stitches used to finish items and made cording and sewed it on the pinkeep. They also learned to make the most gorgeous tassels that I'ver ever seen. Gorgeous. Everyone had a fabulous time and loved the class so much we've contracted Jane for 2010 to teach part 2 of the finishing techniques class. Jane is shown in the picture on the right along with our Candi who enjoyed every moment, as did the 3 Kays, Kay F., Kay O., and Kay B., and Molly L, Sandy G., Joan D., Beth J., Ellen S., Lois M., Debbie L., Phyllis Y., Janie H., Linda W., Stacy S., Kathie R., Theresa W., and Mary A. Sara and I would like to thank all the stitchers who signed on for this class and a big Thank you for Jane for such a wonderful class. I am proud to say I remembered to pick her up from the airport...if you recall I forgot to pick her up in the fall and she finally called to find out where someone was...(how embarrassing) and thankfull Debbie and Phyllis ran over to the airport, smoothed the ruffled feathers and took her out to Lunch and talked her into believing I wasn't a complete idiot. So she was amazed to see me standing in the airport waiting. Sara was a little concerned since I forgot my phone on my desk and she couldn't contact me to see if I was there or not. Anyway, the weekend went smoothly, the stitchers all got along and everyone was thrilled to be taking home a finished pinkeep as well as valuable knowledge on finishing all those smalls they have stitched. Sunday night I wish I had a camera on Debbie, Phyllis and Jane as they made extra long cording...they ended up with Phyllis going up the staircase and dangling it over the railing but my Lord it took them 45 minutes of figuring, etc., but it was so gorgeous when it was done that Jane decided to do the same thing. We even got Vernon in on it as I kept suggesting we get out the power drill to twist the cord. It gave us all quite a bit of entertainment, unfortunately it gave Phyllis a massive headache. Several of the stitchers stayed over on Sunday and tried to leave Monday morning, but by the time they got up and got downstairs the weather had taken a turn for the worse. We had warm temperatures and sun all weekend, Thank God, but Monday the rains, lightning, thunder, etc., arrived. But as stitchers, they just sat down in the lobby and stitched until they could get out. I went over at one point and there were 4 of them working on their Traveling Stitchers chart, which I completed last week and had mine finished in the shop. Or, at least I had the stitching completed, I just hadn't attached it to the case. But I will have it done this week...or at least I intend to get it sewn on the case. We'll see. Starting this Friday we will be open once again everyday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Renee, Connie and Pat will rejoin me in the shops, and I might add not a minute too soon. This weekend we had our share of lookie loos and had a few clueless shoppers who I dare say didn't even realize they were in a needlework store. But to make up for it we had some old friends like Barbara C., down from the city to say hi and shop so we try to focus on the stitchers and not on the tourists who happen to fall in the door. But I have to say, calling the DMC floss string does not make me warm up to you! I'm going to post this so it doesn't get lost so have a great night and a pleasant tomorrow.