Friday, April 17, 2009

The April Stockings are on their way.

You heard me right...finally the April stockings have made their appearance at the distributor and they are making their way to Salty Yarns and should be in house Wednesday or Thursday. For those on the automatic...we will be shipping these out the day they arrive...I'll have the envelopes ready to go and we will invoice you for the leaflet so the wait is almost over. This also means that we will be receiving one chart a month...this project is so doable....I can't wait! I've spent the night working on my "Sail Away" from Shepherd's Bush. I love this piece, and it's moving along nicely. I've made a couple of changes (is that news?) as I didn't like the way the telescope looked and once I satin stitched that the hat looked funny so I had to satin stitch that and then the shoes looked funny, so I satin stitched those. That's really the only changes I've made on this piece. It's just too pretty. Speaking of pretty...folks, we are in the high 60's maybe even hitting 70 degrees in Ocean City, folks are on the beach, in swimwear, people walking the boardwalk...yes we are in hog heaven right now and praying to stay here for the rest of the summer. Oh, my I had almost forgotten what warm temps and the sun felt like. I hate to say it, but here it comes..."This stitchers is Paradise." Unfortunately, even in Paradise there are spots which seem like hell...namely my office. The desk is piled high, but I think there is a box under the pile making it seem worse than it actually is, but it's pretty bad. But I'm here chipping away at it slowly but surely. Got a call today from 3 of our regulars wanting to sign up for the spring retreat. We're already over 60, (so don't tell Sara) but I went ahead and signed them up, even though goodie bags are already here for I've put in a call to the goodie bag people to see about getting more....we're keeping our fingers crossed. Joanne B. was in and picking out all sorts of things...Olde Colonial boxes, Jill Rensel mats, etc., and said, "Why don't you have a lay away plan." So I said, "you want to lay away, I'll lay it away no problem," so folks we now have a lay away plan...we're getting just like the big companies. Things I hate: I got home to find that people had taken all the parking but one space at the very end of the street. I was a good sport however, didn't even curse, I'm thankful people are back in Ocean City moving around, shopping, beaching it...yes, I'm ready for the tourist season to begin again. But what I absolutely hate...yes, seeing grown up men or women wearing clothes their teenage children should be wearing (or in this case not wearing). At first I thought he was a teenager and wondered why his mother (as it was she was a girlfriend but looked older than he did) didn't make him dress properly. I realize I'm from the stone age, but honestly, a grown up man with his hat on sideways (that doesn't even look good on my day only the challenged children couldn't figure out where the brim went). I've really never seen a dumber look in my life. To add to the overall picture his pants were cropped and fell to around his calf and the waist of his pants fell around his crack (for lack of a better description)...and of course he wore a chain. Honestly, I wanted to walk up to him, slap him across the head and tell him to be a better example to his child....yes, there was a young boy, with a mohawk with them and he had to be around my Michaels age, 8. Honestly it was quite the picture. Of course it's the men in suits that have tried to take this country down financially, so perhaps I should applaud this young man for not following that trend. Can we not strike a happy medium...put the damn hat on straight, I can even tolerate it backward, but for God sakes sideways...that I can't stand. Well, I've got to end so I can go stitch...I can't's calling for me. Have a great night...keep stitching. Talk to you tomorrow.


LadyDoc said...

Our age is showing as I SOOOO much agree with you about the way some people dress. We have a teacher at my school who comes in on "dress-down" days looking worse than many of the kids- in exactly the kind of outfit you are talking about where everything is about 10 inches too low.

They complained about the way we dressed when we were young, but I seriously don't think we looked nearly THIS bad!

No1sRed said...

I agree as well! And I don't care how old people think or know I am (45, by the way, and I earned every year of it!), some of the styles are appalling! Fashion is what looks good on you, not necessarily what's "in style" right now. And something that isn't age-appropriate is never a good look. Besides, take a good look at the people who say what is "in style".....frightening! *L*