Sunday, April 19, 2009

Any Day Stitching is a Great Day!

Apparently the weather man hasn't gotten the memo regarding spring...summer, so Sunday the temperatures went down and the sky stayed overcast all day. Linda W. also didn't get the message that it wasn't spring weather as she showed up wearing a short sleeve blouse and swearing about how cold it was here compared to the 70 degrees she and Candi left in Chincoteague. After finding a sweatshirt for her we all sat down for our weekly Stitch 'n Bitch. Linda finishing up her Quaker Pinkeep, Candi W. working on Serenity Prayer from Erica Michaels (and she is moving along on this...I swear she's half done and she just picked the chart up on Tuesday at Stitch 'n Bitch...girl's got a goal). I continued stitching on Liberty from Little House Needleworks...apparently I'm going for the record on working on a project. In my defense...I only work on this at work...and of course with the paper avalanche on my desk I don't have a lot of time to stitch. It's now Tuesday and I'm over stressed getting things done in time for the Spring Retreat. As usual there have been a few glitches in our system. Sara is, as usual, about to kill me (I could actually use the break), since I informed her today my list of attendees has grown to around 70 stitchers. We have several new attendees, and frankly they weren't my problem. My problem becomes my inability to tell our previous attendees that if they don't sign up in time we can't add them to the list. While we have the room for everyone, as anyone who has been to one of our retreats knows, it's the lobby that won't hold 70, and even with the added room for 24 down the hallway, we still can't comfortably hold 70 people. I'm praying for sun so we can utilize the porch...but then there's the lobby...oh, my! Well, we'll all just have to have patience and sqeeze in a little. Just remember, we're taking the policy we've had for the last few saving of chairs in the lobby. If you are going for a walk, you are welcome to leave your stitching by the chair, but you can't save the chair. If we keep rotating in and out of chairs we'll all get to sit in the lobby. I'm thankful that some of the stitchers in the larger apartments hold their own little retreats in their units, or weather permitting out on their porches, so that's helpful. Oh, well, it is what it is and we'll make it work. What I'm having trouble making work also is the contents of the goodie bags. I ordered 60 of something (and even that wasn't enough but at the time it was...) and I received 5. It's up in the air what the goodie bags are going to contain at this point, but there again, we're trying to make it work. Blame it on the economy. The wholesalers don't want to be caught with extra merchandise so they are not stocking as much....crap! Spoke with Lois from Elegant Stitch who is also having an event and she is having the same problem. But I'm working overtime on that and Wednesday I will have all confirmations for this event in the mail. This reminds me of something....where does all that mail go that never gets delivered? I got a call a couple of days ago from one of the stitchers asking about her check mailed at least a month ago yet hadn't been cashed. I searched my desk to make sure I didn't have it and I didn't. Now where is that darn check? I too have experienced this "lost mail" issue....and everything has a return address label so where is this mail? Do you suppose it is in someone's closet? I know it's not in our mailman's closet because our Mike is the best. We love Mike and he's a great mail person. So it's anyone's guess where all the mail is. I just know someday someone is going to open a closet in a house and it will be filled with mail...and my letters will be in there. Housewives update: thank God Ellen S. has keep me up to date on all the blogs regarding these idiots, but you notice Ramona has the look of a deer in headlights. I figured it out tonight as I watched her. She is always looking for the camera, getting her head shot right and continually shaking her hair...someone must of told her she looked younger doing that. Or she thinks she's a model posing, but frankly...she just looks like a deer in headlights shaking her hair. Her rehearsal for her upcoming gig on Homeshopping network was pathetic...she's not as good as she seems to think she is. Tonight's episode was taped around Halloween and all these broads were going to numerous parties. Now I like Jill the best at this point but even I had to take a moment to say, "Are you kidding me." She had outfits designed (that's what I said, designed) for she and her dog (I think it's a dog, could be a rat). They went as L Woods and Bruiser from the movie. I have to say the designer did well, even had the hat for the dog/rat. But the next night she went to the party Kelly (the assaulter) was throwing and she had on a Marie Antoinette outfit...not a good one, but an expensive one. Has she heard about the economy? The worse the economy is the more she's spending on crap! I mean her apartment renovation...don't even get me started, but it is a bit of overload. ortunately the dog/rat was a no show at the second party but poor Bobby was following along(he's long on patience, and money). Alex and Simon showed up as Sarah Palin and a moose. Now it wasn't such a bad idea, but they honestly stayed out in front of the building posing for photographers far too long. They must have set up 6 different shots. It was suppose to be a red carpet stand, pose, let the photogs get a shot and move on....apparently Alex and Simon didn't get the message. Oh, yea, Simon also paid $7,000 on a bustier for Alex for charity made out of a feed bag and the word "feed" was displayed on the very front and Alex has decided that it is perfect for the opening of the opera. People, please someone stop these people. First of all, Simon and Alex love to talk about how much they spend...I will give the Countess credit (and we know I give her credit for nothing normally) for never talking money. When her daughter asked her how much a dress was she was looking at, she looked at the tag, but never mentioned the cost (and we know if she's buying it it's expensive). I loved that the Countess' daughter who is in boarding school now, was taken to Goodwill by her friend at school and she actually purchased 2 sweaters and some scarves for $9.00. She was astounded (didn't know what goodwill was to begin with) and found she loved the experience. I give the Countess credit for not gagging as she was being told the princess was now wearing someone else's clothes that she purchased from Goodwill. Perhaps there's hope for the daughter. And Kelly...the boyfriend assaulter...well there is absolutely no hope for this one. She constantly reminds the camera that she's a model...she has failed to mention her arrest, or the fact that she got fired by Macy's where she did model. She was initially a no show at the party she was hosting however, did arrive a couple hours later...but by then the other housewives had already left. Her reasoning was she is a mother! Now she threw the hissy fit when discussing Jill's charity event when she was told her name would be listed in the credits. Oh no said she, "I never put my name on anything." And yet, as Jill pointed out, she put her name on a party that had random people...and a cash bar and nothing else as far as I could tell. And she didn't show up to welcome anyone. Yeah, she's a real ass -ett. Honestly, I don't care how pathetic my life might appear, it's still better than any of theirs. Well, it's Wednesday morning and once's raining. Have I moved to England? Rain has been here for the last 3 days...I'm about to drown. I realize the farmers need rain, but do we need 3 days of it? Well, I have to get ready for work so I'll talk to you later.