Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, My God...tonight's Survivor was the best...

Survivor has been on for so many years now, that the first episodes are really not that interesting, however, tonight it got interesting again. Finally after listening to the idiot "Coach" proclaim himself the dragon slayer, the warrior and picking the warrior's alliance, he finally got blindsided and while he was not the target tonight, he's certainly close. He and Tyson continually talked about what wonderful players they were (and you just know that is never good), how they were controlling the game, etc., only to be blindsided at tonights council. I all but applauded and would have done the happy dance, however, I ate one piece too many of the pizza and I ended up like a beached whale on the sofa. But I was so excited I finally got up to let you know how excited I am with tonight's outcome. I say congrats to the lot that are still on the island and you can be sure I'll be watching next week. So for those arriving Thursday night remember the long as Survivor is on no one speaks in the lobby. Yes, I said it....I have to be able to hear the show. It's been a standing rule since Survivor began and while some adhere to the rule, others ignore it... I will be enforcing the rule, that's assuming I'll still be awake. That's assuming I have the goodie bags assembled...uhh, perhaps I won't be watching T.V. in the lobby, so I guess if I'm not there everyone is on their own. I've been keeping my eye on the weather and for the next week it looks like summer is on. Saturday is suppose to be in the 70's...whoppee!!!! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for 70's next weekend, and I'm hoping that 20% chance of rain next Wednesday doesn't appear. And there's a good chance it won't since they can't seem to forecast tomorrow let alone a week from now. But anyway, since there are so many of us next weekend we need the good weather so we can sit out front on the rockers, and stitch while we watch the waves rolling in. The April Blackbird stockings arrived today and I immediately sent them out to the automatic customers, except those coming to the Spring retreat. If you want your stockings to be sent to you as opposed to putting them in the holding tank for you, just e-mail me and I'll send them along. Otherwise I'll have them in the holding tank for you. Now I have to decide to stitch the stockings or keep working on my Sail Away.....oh, never a good choice...I don't know. I'll keep you informed of course. Must run...have a great day

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