Monday, January 14, 2008

New Blog

January 13th...I thought things were going well until I went to update the newsletter only to find the past weeks blogs gone....where who the hell knows. But gone they I'm starting over again, but since most of the blog has already been read, no harm done I guess. Anyway, the weather is starting to take a cold turn down here...I believe we're in the 40's, but the sun is out so that's a good thing. Yesterday looked like summer with the sun, mild temps and many people walking the boards. We seem to be having some sort of religious youth convention down here as the young people are out in droves. I pleased to report they haven't stolen any of my furniture (which is now wired to the deck) nor any of my signs, and my shop sign is still missing...we won't go into that again. My evening with my newest grandchild and C.J., Maries stepson went well...although I have to say I had a little bit of an embarrassing situation come up. C.J. loves to watch movies (C.J. is 13) so I always have the newest movies so he can see them. So he pops in "Heartbreak Kid" and we sit down to enjoy if you've seen this movie right now you know where I'm going, but if you haven't, well let's just say a grandmother does not want to watch this with a grandchild, hell I wouldn't even want to watch this with my children nor my ex before he was my ex. It's a comedy and for the most part alright but there are two scenes in there where the sex is graphic. Now I realize I should have checked the ratings...I'm so far removed from children I keep forgetting that you must do that. Anyway, we're sitting there watching what I thought was going to be a harmless little movie when they come on nude and screaming away as they are going at "it" and I was so taken back I couldn't even figure out that I should just fast forward it. I'm sitting there screaming, "C.J. don't look at this, don't look at this." And I just get through that when they come on again. It wasn't until it was over that I thought, "I fast forward through commercials, but couldn't think of that with this going on." But I just couldn't. I'm so not use to seeing that on T.V. (I don't have cable anymore because I use to fall asleep watching a movie on HBO and when I woke up there were always nude people doing obscene things on and it drove me nuts so I canceled HBO). Anyway, this morning we watched Charlotte's Web and I'm hoping we can forget the movie was ever on. This will probably be C.J's lasting memory of me....the woman who played sex scenes when I was only 13. I've probably scarred the child...but I tried to make up for it by feeding him cheesecake for breakfast...(you take eggs your way and I'll take it mine). Anyway, I also have some sad news for stitchers....Hillside Samplings is retiring and will be no more. I love the Hillside patterns so I will miss her designs. Also, Threads Thru Time, a lesser known company but one with terrific designs...however, her's are done on gauze so they are tiny tiny pieces. We've all done some of hers and love the detail. So two great companies bite the sorry to hear that. Got to run...I'm starving (surprisingly, I didn't eat the cheesecake for breakfast).

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