Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19th....Part 2

Just talked to Sandy J. and have an update for the Peacock Chair finishing class in February...ladies, we need to do as much prep work as we can prior to that class so that we will have the chair almost finished, all the hard parts completed before leaving the class. We'll have the class on Saturday, but since most of you are here for the weekend, we can finish ourselves on Sunday anything that didn't get done on Saturday. Sandy will only be working with us on Saturday though, so as long as we get our gluing done prior to the class we should be able to complete the chair over the weekend. Oh, I forgot, Jackie J. is also here with one of the retreats and she is a finisher as well, so I know she'll help, and Stasi B. is here, oh, ladies forget it we will definitely get these done with all these finishers in house. We will have expertise coming out the whazoo (not sure where that is, could be the same as the VaJaJa) if any of you ladies are listening...don't worry we won't monopolize all your time and talents, but we may ask questions when we see you. I'll make sure we have the necessary finishing items so don't worry about that. I've ordered the ribbon and it shipped so we will have that, Jackie J. kindly donated the silk duponi, I'll have the glue, thread, buttons, clothes pins, awl, and quilter's batting. Ladies we are ready to rock and roll.

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