Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17, 2008

I'm so exhausted from being me I can hardly get up anymore. Yesterday I stayed home to "de-Christmas" my house. I was really prepared...I purchased a huge canvas bag for the tree which was on rollers so I could tote it to storage myself....and I had checked to see that the 7" tree would fit in the you see where I'm going? I guess they failed to mention that if you are buying a prelit tree it won't work. So I take everything off the tree, haul it out of it's stand and it weights a ton (I never realized this with the other trees because I was handling branches not the entire thing)...anyway, it doesn't fit. But I didn't let that daunt decide I can cram it into the bag upside down and let the pole (which also doesn't fit) hang out of the top. Well, that didn't work either...and that forced me to sit down and think it over...which I did all day and all night until I finally said, "screw it I'm now out of the mood to de-Christmas my house" so now the tree is laying on it's side on top of the canvas bag (I knew I'd use that damn bag for something) in my living room and all the other Christmas stuff...still where it was a day ago, I never moved a thing. But now I'm thinking I'll force myself to move 2 things a day (at this point I may have it put away by do I really want to go to all the trouble?) I keep watching the show "clean this house" and think it might be easier to get them to come down and do it for me. I'd have to deal with the embarrassment of it all, and I'd really have to throw more stuff on the floor and mess up my two guess rooms which are finally straightened out.....crap...this is no longer looking like a great idea...not sure I could get the people to fly in from California anyway. Looks like it's back in my court. I told Mary today it would be easier for me to just throw the darn tree out each year and buy another one next year, but that seems like such a waste, unless I could give it to there's an idea...anyone want the's brand new, well almost, slightly used, 1 Christmas...I did throw away the carton because I have this lovely new canvas tote bag to carry it around in....or perhaps carry it on would be more appropriate. If you come get it you can have it.....and the de-Christmasing of my house continues. Or perhaps I'll just dig a hole outside and plant it until next Christmas. I have to tell you I've seen that done, right here in downtown Ocean City. There is a house on St. Louis avenue about a block from the route 50 bridge and years ago he use to have about 3 or 4 maybe 4" trees planted in his yard, along with astro turf as grass. The first time I rode by his house I thought, "his trees really look strange for some reason [I'm brilliant when it comes to the obvious]...and his grass was so green compared to everyone elses...[let me add here that his yard was about 2' x 6']...and it was so odd I drove around the block and eventually just pulled up and sat and looked it over and realized he had taken Christmas trees and just stuck them in the ground. Today, [I still find myself going by periodically to check] he still has 2 of the trees there and I think the astro turf is still maybe he couldn't figure out what to do with his left over trees either. Enough about the tree...I'll figure something out...I should just put it on the front porch and let it get stolen (this would be the one thing no one would steal). The office was coming along, not well, but I was working at it and then Mary went to the mailbox...I'm back at square one....I can't come close to seeing my desk again....this is getting depressing.... And the weather...oh, it's not pretty at all. I had hopes we'd see snow, but what we are seeing is liquid snow or rain as we call it. Judy T. e-mailed me to day and they are forecasted to get at least 3 inches on top of what they already have (she's in Colorado)....oh, my I envy Judy today (of course my rule is it can only stay one day so I can stay home without guilt and then it has to melt so I can get back to work). Since we're at 40 degrees today I don't hold out much hope that this rain will change to snow at all....dismal. Things are not turning around here at all...I need sun, no Christmas out and a clean this asking too much? Sara is upstairs dealing with her de-christmasing right now...I think she'll do better...she kept her carton plus she has Vernon who totes all her heavy stuff, although they do have to get it up to the attic and that could prove challenging. When I came on to the internet I saw where another celebrity couple had called off their marriage...after 16 days. What the hell is that about. They discussed it and decided they would just remain friends....are you people nuts. You go through the ordeal of a ceremony, have friends and family show up and 16 days later say, Oops, we might have been a bit premature with this. I'm telling you the world is going nuts...forget about Britney (a red hot mess if ever there was one)'s the entire world. You know, there is just no reason for this foolishness. Back in my day you didn't live with someone unless you were married to them...O.K. you weren't suppose to live with someone without marriage (and if you had my parents you weren't allowed ever!!!). Today no one thinks twice about living with someone so I'm not sure why anyone is getting married at all. But if you think you want to get married should you not discuss it fully...I mean do we want children or not, what religion, how much sex (that will be an interesting conversation...first of all in the beginning no one minds it...but after a couple of kids...well, exhaustion sets in among other things)...anyway, I'm just not understanding why these people think it's fun to get married for 16 days. Clearly money is not an issue with these folks... if they want a party they could throw a party without getting married...what the hell is going on out there. My grandmother called it the land of the "fruits and nuts" and you know, I think they do have a few too many nuts out there, but then we have a few over here now don't we. I know of a few myself....and I won't mention any names because you know who you are. Oh, My God...Mary P. just e-mailed me to let me know it's snowing in Bel Air, and she's also given me permission to take the snow day...but it's 2:37 pm. and that would give me just 1 1/2 hrs off...I'm holding out for the full day. Well, I've got to run..I haven't met the quoto of 1 trash can filled per day yet...but I'm close. Talk to you soon..and if you get the urge to get married for 16 me I'll talk you down.

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