Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19th....

Managed to fit a small project in while I was suppose to be de-Christmasing, finished the latest Pine Mountain top tie pillow, Love. One night folks and you are done. It's another of their wrap pillows, about an 11" x 11" finished pillow...ties on the top...but important for and easy. So I started it last night while watching my that little guy, and around 11:30 pm decided to lay my head back and shut my eyes and next thing I knew it was 1:30 a.m. So I got back up and finished the pillow and of course by then I was up so I started getting another project ready to go and as soon as I opened the cabinet door, well, here we go again, I now have to search all over again. So at 5:30 a.m. I decided this day was going to really be long if I didn't try to catch some sleep so I laid back down, shut my eyes, and woke up at 9:45 a.m., with 15 minutes to get dressed and get to work. That's how my day started and so I've been behind now since 5:30 a.m. Things have to get better! I am trying to get back to scanning for the web site and managed to put a couple of things up yesterday, did you see the Garden Chair...oh, my God! I've got to do this one....before I'm done I'm going to have an entire room of furniture....but this piece is so pretty and the umbrella to go with it...well priceless people, it's simply priceless...I can't wait for Nashville! Kelmscott has also come out with new scissors and some mother of pearl stuff for Nashville that will be coming back with us and I have the new Sajou mother of pearl scissors due in any day now...had to have those. Oh, my God, I'm actually talking about shop life has taken a serious turn when I'm actually talking business instead of my usual ramblings. Anyway, just to let you know....I'm really having fun with this new blog interface. Adding pictures is so much know I'm going to be adding these like crazy now...who knows what will show up on the blog. Janet S. stopped by the shop yesterday, in town for a convention and took a chance during the break to run down and pick out a couple of new projects. Good to see familiar faces and especially at this time of year. The winter months in Ocean City can be a bit gloomy, mainly in January and the first of February. People have spent too much money for Christmas and don't come down and the weather is so iffy, overcast and gloomy and Sara and I are just sitting here waiting to have a conversation with someone other than each other. So to see someone is a treat and someone we know...well that's just a bonus. I'm telling you after a while you are almost willing to talk to the sea gulls...speaking of which I haven't seen my friend from Christmas lately. You remember me talking about that big seagull and I do mean big, hell he was the biggest bird I've seen in a long time....anyway, he was on my front porch Christmas day going through my bags of fruits (I put them out there because my refrigerator couldn't hold another thing so I thought they'd be safe. I hadn't counted on that big bird. He also stole my ribbon bag twice....I was just too stupid to figure it out the first time I found it sitting in the middle of 10th Street....anyway, I'm even starting to miss that dumb bird....oh, I must be loney now. Anyway, if you are down here, and can get to us, remember the bridge thing, stop on by so we have a new face to look at. We're getting kind of sick of each other. As much as we've talked about the bridge closing on the 17th..on the 18th Mary announced she had a doctor's appointment...she announced it at 9:50 and her appointment on the other side of the bridge no less was at 10:00. Sara said, "Mary have you forgotten that the bridge is closed and you are going to have to go around? You are not going to make a 10:00 appointment." And of course she had forgotten...the first day no she ended up calling and rescheduling. I'm telling you, closing the main route is throwing us all for a loop...even if I didn't want something across the bridge, every day I feel a little stress from knowing I can't use that darn bridge. Crap!!!

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