Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18th...Part 2

I don't know what that was about, anyway, my de-Christmasing my house hit a snag last night when like a child I got distracted, opened up the cabinets of the entertainment center (in which I keep some of my stash of needlework) and pulled everything out to pick a new project. That made me decide to clean out the cabinet and there you more reason Christmas is still not put away...and now I have needlework that hasn't been put back. Soon I'll be able to call Clean House and not have to mess up my house at all. Anyway I found several UFO's (unfinished projects) and pulled out "and they sinned" and started working on it yet again...I'd love to be able to finish that one but I seem to now have the attention span of a gnat. Watched Oprah yesterday (don't always get to do that and frankly didn't think I'd be interested in this one about Women's health...cause we all know I haven't paid much attention in that area), however, I could not believe the one part I happen to catch....a woman, very embarrassed, said, "I'm embarrassed to ask but need to soon as I turned 50 I began to have a problem with burping and gas, and it's pretty constant and I can't figure out what is causing it as my diet hasn't changed." Don't you love you get older you constantly get these little surprises. When I turned 30 I woke up one day to find this thing had grown on my check. It was slow and each day when I brushed my teeth or washed my face I was slowly becoming aware of it, but thought it would go away....well, 30 years later and it's still there only now it's set up a little condo on my face. And the moles, good God, it's like I'm a superwalmart of moles...I've got them in all sizes and shapes...what the heck is this about? I firmly believe that at some point in your life you should just be able to slide off into the blue yonder (of course I firmly believe you should have a few good years debt free, illness free, mole free, and everything else free) without worrying about anything else. Wouldn't that be perfect? But clearly that isn't going to happen so each day I get up, look in the mirror and thank God I'm able to get up and look in the mirror...forget the gas, the moles, the fat, the wrinkles, and everything else, I'm just thrilled to be invited to the party one more time. Clearly I have lost control of topics and need to go do some work for a change....perhaps get the brochures done...yes, that's an idea. So have a great day, or evening, and keep on stitching.

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Ruth Sparrow said...

Sally, I am in tears with laughter!!! Thank you for once again making my day. I almost called Stasi so we could laugh together, but since she already called me this morning, it is enough knowing that she is also reading this hysterical blog.