Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15th

My God, dealing with this desk is definitly not good for my health or my spirit. Every envelope I open just brings me down...Help!!!! I need to get away..oops, I already did that which has created this major boondoggle...so I guess getting away isn't going to do that much for me, except make this worse. I've loaded another huge bag with trash to go out today...by the way, snow flakes fell for about 2 seconds 1/2 hour ago...Mary came down to tell me and before she went back up...snowflakes had stopped. I guess that's our major snowfall for the year but it sure feels cold enough to have another one. The sun is out though so that's not helping. This morning it started off gray and cold so that gave me hope for a snow day. If I expect to get a snow day out of this I better run fast because I have about 3 seconds to declare it and get the hell out of here or it's over. Once I'm out the snow day will officially begin. Although I've almost gone through all my movies so while I had a stock pile for the snow day a while ago, now I have very few...not that I wouldn't take the day anyway, but I would love to snuggle in for a day with movies, snacks, soda, and stitching (not in any particular order). Well, I just keep on wishing. Sara is catering a Christmas party tonight so she's busy cooking. Does this seem odd to anyone else but me. Sara just shruggled and said whatever...but I'm telling you having an event for something as huge as Christmas 2 weeks after Christmas is over...well I say it's odd. Why not just say you are having a company party to celebrate the cleanup of Christmas? Why not leave Christmas out of it completely and why didn't you have the party during December? Odd...things just keep getting odder for me. By the way, speaking of Christmas, I'm staying home tomorrow to de-Christmas my house. Everything is going back in the closet and by this time on Thursday, Christmas will be but a memory in my house....nothing will be saved...everything goes away. Now, what are we working on now...I'm not that into Valentine's Day....I do something for my girls and the grandchildren, but I really see no need to dress up the house. I do pull a few things out for St. Patricks day and for Easter I've got some things but by then the other shops are opening and I'm too busy to do much at home. And Easter is coming so early this year. It's in March...oh, my, much to early...I really don't like it in March...we've had snow for Easter before when it's been in March. It's really hard to think of spring and summer in March...oh, well, got to go...I'm having a phone issue...no printer issue...now it's the phone. Have a great day!

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