Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20th....

Folks, hell has definitely frozen over....when Sara and I walked out of work yesterday we noticed a very fine white flake and I mean fine so small you hardly knew what it was, but yes, we did have snow...well, I guess you could call it snow. As I said, the flakes were so miniscule that you could barely see that they were snow, and because it was so small it never did really cover the ground even though it probably snowed about 4-5 hrs. Yes, 4-5 hours and it never covered the ground, in fact it never layed on the road, it did lay on the grass but you could still see the grass that's how light it was. It did manage to cover every window in my car, and since I didn't think I'd see snow again I threw out my scraper which had a broken handle anyway in the fall. So when I got in the car to go to church this morning I had to sit there 10 minutes getting the car heated enough it would melt the ice on the windows....I couldn't even get the windows down as they were frozen in place...however, I finally got enough ice off the window so I could make it to church and there were so few people at church we didn't even fill up one communion rail. Shouldn't I get extra credit or something for going on a day like today? Anyway, the sun is now out, it's still around 26 degrees, but the ice is definitely melting under the glare of the sun...perhaps we'll get back to normal by tomorrow. I wasn't home yesterday more than an hour when I got a call back from Sara. The generator hooked up to the alarm system at the hotel had failed, so bells and whistles were sounding, the alarm company was going nuts calling all the numbers they had to announce this and of course the Fire Company got involved....and that's why she lives upstairs instead of me. No way was I taking that ocean front unit, as beautiful as it is and with a killer view...but you also are #1 for anything that happens at the hotel. I was more than willing to let Sara take it and I stayed on 10th street. There's only so much I'm willing to handle. Anyway, after leaving work Sara then had to deal with the pain in the butt alarm system. Until the generator motor can be replaced, Monday, Sara was instructed to take a run through of the hotel every hour just to make sure everythings alright. She and Vernon left 5 minutes after the fire company to go to much for running through the hotel every hour. And that's why I live off the hotel property. What I don't know won't kill me. And my mantra on that..."better she than me." I know I seem to be obsessing over the darn bridge closing, but the downtown area is like a ghost town. No traffic in that area at all, and yet, I know people live down there. Where the hell is everyone? And today I had to trek up to Food Lion on 120th street. God, shoot me, shoot me now. I decided that after church I should make the run (I get out at 9:00 am) and I could still get to work close to 10:00 a.m. When I grew up in Ocean City, it ended (yes, the town ended) on 28th Street at the Dunes (the old Dunes Motel). Until the Carousel was built on 120th street, there was nothing but dunes past 28th. So for me, Ocean City still doesn't exist beyond 28th street. I feel like I need my passport when I travel past 28th...I've entered a foreign country, and today I really felt that way. I don't recognize the place...oh, my God, we're having some kind of condo craze down here. Have these people heard about the recession (why should they have heard of it when our own government keeps telling us we aren't in one)...anyway, the housing market is no different here than anywhere sucks...and yet, they are building down here like they have good sense. At least it is comforting to know if I go broke, I'll have plenty of company. Anyway, I drove for what seemed like hours, (O.K., it took maybe 20 minutes...alright..perhaps 15) finally reached my destination and now I'm in a store I don't recognize, nothing is where the other Food Lion has was awful. Don't get me wrong, I still bought food (I'm not crazy)...but I didn't get any joy from it. And then the trek back home...I almost had to stop midway for food and water the journey was so long. Thank God there was no traffic going that way either...but after all it's Sunday and unless you are going to church you aren't up yet and it's freezing out so why go out. Last night I worked on my UFO, Drawn Thread's ABC Sampler. I've been inspired to get some of my UFO's completed by looking at other's websites...and what they've finished...I need to do that...finish more, so that's my New Year's Resolution (a little late with at announcement but I wanted to announcement something that I wouldn't break too easily). Got to go, it's 3:42pm., my fingers are frozen, my eyes are trying to close, and I need to help Sara close the shops. Have a great night...see you soon I hope, stay warm and toasty and do a little stitching.

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