Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three more finishes....well the stitching is done. now for the finishing...UGH!  Little House, "Giving Thanks...." was a treat to stitch.  Done over 2 on 32 ct. I really enjoyed this for 2 days and then it was done.  This was a gift I gave myself to stitch as I had finished stitching a total of 4 WIP.  Thought I deserved to start something new.  The Santa Purse shown in the first picture was an easy stitch and while I usually refuse to work on Christmas after the holiday, we wanted this for the shop as a model...something different.  Unfortunately while the stitching was a breeze, 1 day and done,   I lost the entire Santa finishing kit which is sold with the chart and backing,  so I'm working from my own fabric stash and it's close so the model you see in the shop will closely resemble what the original is suppose to look like when it's finished.  The third piece was from a Silver Needle club and it's a Blackbird Design piece, a Patchwork Pinkeep.  You stitch on two different linens and then join them.  My self diagnosed "OCD" made this piece difficult for me as everything in my world must be even,  and the use of two different colored linens put into one piece is just not going to work for me normally,  but I also force myself to go out of my box at times just to combat this feeling I have so I decided to finish it their way.  All three were easy stitches...YEAH!!!  Of course, with the exception of the first one which will go to the framers, the other two still have to be finished.  That will be the job this week.  Stop stitching (which I love) and get finishing....which I don't love so much, or at all.  This morning before coming to work I almost finished the "Santa in the Plaid Hat" pillow that was started 1or 2 years ago and during work I managed to completely finish it.  Now I need to add some embellishments to jazz it up and then I'll show it to you as well.  And that will be the end of Christmas stitching for me until mid summer or the fall.  So much to do and so little time....I've got to get back to stitching so that's it for today.  Talk to you later.

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