Monday, January 11, 2016

Fun finishes ... so exciting...and the first of 2016.

   My year has started off well.  My goal is a finish a week of some kind (not that I'll meet the goal but I am always hopeful) and yesterday was a very productive day for me.  After working in the shop I went home and finished the 2 pin cushions you see here.  The First, "Stitch Every Day" designed by Hands on Design is a monster pin cushion.  The design itself is shown as a sampler or the pin cushion so of course I just had to make the pin cushion.  It is so big that it's fascinating to me.  I love oversized things, perhaps because I'm oversized myself.  It measures approx. 6" high and the circumference is 11".   The finish was actually quite easy.  I did it all by hand, but you could use a machine to stitch up the seam initially and then the top piece could also have been put in by machine, but the bottom would have to be sewn in.  Cathy didn't use a hard bottom on hers and cut a slit in it to stuff it and then sewed the slit up.  I just attached the wool piece for the top and then stuffed the piece and finished it as I would if it were a stand up.  Cut a circle out of mat board, covered it with the Weeks Wool and then ladder stitched it to the pin cushion.  Such a fun stitch and really went together easily.  The 2nd pin cushion, "Seasonal Sliders...On Ice", by Just Another Button Company, turned out to be an easy finish as well.   If you use freezer paper to cut out your pieces it makes it so easy to get the accurate cuts.  Then you just blanket stitch them on the main piece of felt.  Everything is included in the kit, except the pins.  And the plus get three patterns in the kit (only have supplies for one) so you can make more pin cushions by just purchasing the colors of felt you will need.  Anyway, this particular one had only 3 pieces which had to be blanket stitched on so that took no time at all.  And the final finishing can be done on machine, although for accuracy sake, in my case, I did it by hand.  Again, JABCO gives you instructions on the assembly, but you need to use common sense as well.  Their last instruction after assembly is attach the buttons.  I'm not sure why they didn't put this first, but you would of course sew on the buttons before the final finishing so that the knots are easily hidden inside the pin cushion.  They also suggest making a slit in the back, stuffing and then sewing the slit up and sewing a heart over it.  It's easier to finish 3 sides, leave the fourth side open and then stuff and sew the fourth side closed.  Not only easier but less work....and that's always the way I'm finishing.  Less work is a win win!  I then worked on the Lizzie Kate Limited Edition "Very Merry Santa" which will be made into a hanging colonial pocket.  So cute, and while I normally don't work on holiday items, once the holiday has passed, I couldn't resist.  I should have it done and assembled Wednesday so I'm sure I'll show  you then.    Can't wait for the weekend....there are 174 members and their guests of the EGA coming for a retreat to Ocean City...Camp Wannastitch...and this is always a busy weekend for us.  We've called in recruits and thankfully, Stasi Buhrman answered the call as well as Pat Weker.  Stasi always offers to come cut fabric when we need her (I hate cutting the linen) so she's always our first call and Pat is Queen of Sea Trader so that puts me back into Salty Yarns...I'm not sure if this is a plus for the shop or not, since I seem to have forgotten most of what I use to know about things.  Everything in the shop has been moved to a new location so I'm constantly having to call on Sara to lead me to it.  (you can imagine the eye ball rolling that goes on from Sara)  It's also embarrassing for me.  I'll lead someone to the spot where I had a certain company for 40 years and they are no longer there and then I start the fumbling around and eventually using the phone to call Sara.  I think I even called her when she was in Jamaica.  Honestly, what kind of help am I?  As it is if Sara sees me answer the phone and it sounds like a phone order, she comes rushing over to grab the phone from me since I made 2 blunders while she was in Jamaica.  (I knew as soon as I hung up on the first I was in trouble, but the 2nd one I thought I did well on until Sara asked me what class the person signed up for.  Oops, never thought to ask, I knew which designer but not the class.  While I didn't have the phone # or address on the first call, I had taken the phone number on the 2nd one.  Yes, folks if I answer your call you may want to ask for Sara.)  I even know where the class sign up sheets are now, although Saturday when someone called to sign up for a class, I couldn't locate them and had to remember what information to ask for (Yes, I remembered to ask which fact I got all the info that was needed).  When Sara returned to the shop I said, "Where are the class sheets?"  Without thinking about it she had moved them to work on them and they were no longer on the counter. (I think she is gas lighting me....but she doesn't have to,  I'll go willingly)  Anyway, I've got to get back to work.  Have a great week.  Hope to see you soon.

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Stasi said...

See you this weekend Sally! Looking forward to it and seeing your finishes!