Tuesday, January 19, 2016


    Well, thought you'd like to see how we roll in Ocean City.  This past weekend was Camp Wannastitch and  to give the stitchers a show we had snow.  Many people wonder what the beach looks like and if the snow sticks to the beach so we took a picture, we took several actually, but this one had the surfer in it.  Yes, folks, surfers are dedicated like stitchers and just like stitchers they don't let the snow stop them.  If you enlarge this picture you will see the surfer in his wet suit waiting for that next wave.  Meanwhile today, the wind chill is 2 so I'm bundled up at home and waiting it out.  Enjoy the view.

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Lilacrosesandthemoon said...

Thanks so much for the snow on the beach. I would love to spend time in Ocean City in the winter or any time. I love it there.