Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow report.............from Ocean City

First we had another snow last 2 snows in one month, what is happening.  We survived both thankfully and enjoyed our "snow days"...while Sara didn't get one last week due to Camp Wannastitch being in the stitchers, she did get to enjoy Saturday and Sunday on her sofa with knitting in hand.  I did get a day off last week plus we had two days off this past weekend.  We were luckier than most other places since our first snow on Friday this weekend which lasted about 4-5 hours was followed by the devastating winds and  rain of a northeaster'.  I am surprised that the snow that followed the rain would even stick but stick it did to give us a couple of inches of snow following the northeaster'.  Hence, we stayed home on Saturday during the rain portion and again on Sunday after the snow portion.  And Sunday was so sunny and gorgeous, well the snow is all but gone.  Just a few lasting tid bits showing but our roads are clear and snow free.  Yeah!!! no snow shovels for this crew.  I mentioned Camp Wannastitch and while I started with the snow, the campers this year were a delight.  We were ready for the campers as we are given advance notice on the numbers coming...this year 174..filled to capacity a sold out event this year.  Good for the ladies who work so hard to make this happen.  Since the early birds were coming in Thursday, Sara opened the shop just for them.  I was a no show since I once again took a fall.  Tuesday while going down the steps to go to the office I missed a step and landed face down on the pavement.  Thankfully Mary and Brian were home and I called them to come help me get to the stairs so I could start the process of getting up.  (my neighbor just drove on by me as I was floundering around like a fish out of water...but I'm going to think perhaps she didn't see me in my red coat).  Mercy, getting up is not an easy job.  I was thankfully broken bones, but certainly in a little pain as I did something to my foot.  But at the time I just shook it off and continued on my way, a little the worse for wear, after all I had to get a lotto ticket.  (I mention this because it aggravates Sara that I would continue on as though nothing happened.)  Anyway, after being at work for a couple of hours I realized my boot was feeling tighter and felt I better get home and get it off.  When Sara saw me shuffling out and we realized my knee wouldn't bend enough to get in the car, Sara  drove me home while I sat in the back with the door raised so my feet were dangling out of the car.  Thank God I live 2 blocks from the shop!  I'm pretty sure that is not legal.  Anyway, once home I changed and got in my favorite spot on the sofa...ah, comfy spot.  With my stitching I was in heaven, unfortunately my toes were black and blue and my knee was killing me.  But I was icing and taking motrins and getting ready to get back into action on Thursday.  Unfortunately, I never made it Thursday but Thankfully Judy and Stasi Buhrman, who drove up to cut fabric for it, arrived to help Sara out.  Friday, again I stayed home and Judy and Stasi were Sara's support group along with Pat Weker.  Then on Saturday and Sunday I showed up along with Elaine to support Sara.  I was so glad I made it in, I wasn't much help but at least it was a warm body. ...although I'm not sure I count as that.  It's always great fun talking with the stitchers and seeing what they are working on and their ideas about future projects.  It was a great weekend for us and we look forward to seeing the stitchers again next year.  This is event that is fun for everyone.  A nice break after Christmas and New Years when we are all so busy getting ready for the holidays.  A weekend of just stitching and friends....yes it doesn't get much better than that.  So for all the stitchers who came to the event and the shop...thanks for making a January day so much brighter for us.  We had a ball.  Can't wait until next year to do it all over again.

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