Monday, January 25, 2016

Hard to believe I'm still talking about Christmas

Seriously, these are the last two postings of Christmas gifts.  Jackie Janovsky stitched the mini tea cup ornament for me.  Sorry Jackie, I just love it, but didn't have it in hand again until Sara was putting her Christmas away and found it with her stuff.  So it may not of been mentioned earlier, but I so love it.    So cute and put in a miniature Polishware teacup...perfect.  The second picture is a redwork pillow done by Stacy Stinson.  She did the stitching, as well as the finishing....good job Stacy.  Thanks so it and will display it proudly during the holidays next year.   It was so sweet of you both to stitch something for me when you have so many others to remember during the holidays.  I love my gifts and will treasure them always.   And now folks, I do believe that is the end of my holiday stitched gifts report.

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