Friday, March 1, 2013

We're here and we're working....

We actually arrived in Franklin, 20 miles from Nashville, where the show is taking place on Wednesday afternoon.  It was a rather, thank God, uneventful ride....just one bathroom incident, but we won't discuss that.  Anyway, according to the weather when we left home, it was suppose to be in the 40's and sunny here....well as usual they lied.  It started around 40, 38 and the snow forecast has gone from a possibility to a reality of .5-1 inch today...not such a happy camper.  We took yesterday as a shop hopping day.  With Sara into knitting we shop hopped knitting shops.  We were thinking of doing needlework shops today, but to tell you the truth....I'm too tired and I'd rather just sit in the room and stitch.  I've managed to finish the prayer shawl I've been working on for Colby's mother, well, finish isn't exactly true.  I finished the main shawl, and one pocket, but I still have a second pocket which I'll do today and that means I will have finished the entire project...whoppee!!!  I've also almost finished the scissor sheath for the Sue Hillis Mermaid's exciting.  In fact tonight I will finish that inbetween running to any designers who are opening their rooms tonight.  That gives us a little head start which we so desparately need as I'm so desparately slow.  Honestly, you would think I'd turn 100 instead of 64 in 2012....I'm moving at a tortoise pace.  But, I'm still moving so I'm focusing on what I'm still doing and trying to let go of what I use to do.  Sara has been busy casting on and ripping back down, but I think she's finally gotten it right as she's now got about 1 1/2" on Michael's knit cap for his birthday.  Let's hope she doesn't have any misfortune since Michael's birthday is the day after we return from Nashville market.  Had breakfast this morning with several of the designers.  They didn't actually know we felt we were having breakfast with them....but we were all in the same room, so I'm not lying.  We did sit next to Linda, Chessie and Me, and had a conversation with her and we ran into Patricia Eaton, who we know from our retreats...she's actually here helping her shop owner with the buying.  We also ran into Sharon of the Purple Thread so the games have begun.  Of course when we went to pick up our registration packet....there wasn't one for us.  I could just scream.  Usually they charge you when you sign up late, but I knew I had signed up so I said I'd get the e-mail and come back.  Honestly, I actually had to contact them in September after registering to make sure we were signed up and thank God they e-mailed me back to say we were all set.  To bad they didn't make a packet for us because now we have to go back and go through this all over again...but at least I'll be able to prove that we were signed up back in January, since I have the e-mail.  Oh, brother...not a good beginning....or maybe because I can prove we were signed up it is a good beginning.  Anyway, today is another free day for us to do whatever we want before some of the rooms open tonight.  We had thought about going to Memphis, but due to snow forecast we've decided to stay closer to home.  I'll keep you informed as we go through the day, now that I've figured out how to get on Hilton's website.  Me and a computer...well it's just a crapshoot.  Anyway, have a great day.

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