Friday, March 22, 2013

It's been a busy week......

At least at my house....I was a stitching maniac. We all love those quick one night projects..or anything less than a week project...well I was all over it this week. I finished 3 of Amy Bruecken's new pieces, "Whatever" which will be made into a pillow, "Bad Words" which is going to be a pin cushion (I figure I say more bad words during finishing which is  usually when I use my pin cushions) and "I have Issues" which I've framed..but we're painting the frame so I'll get it up asap.  I also finished SamSarah's "Happy Easter Bunny"...shown on the right...  (while the stitching is fine I got lazy with the finishing and didn't finish it I jerry-rigged it on the new metal display pieces which are also for sale). I love these new metal can get a couple of different toppers for the stand so you can switch out the needlework and keep the stands up year round....always a good thing. I worked some more on the Erica Michael's "Sea Squared"...loving it as I cheated and started on the bottom half...but I do make myself go back and forth and not just work on the bottom, but mix in some of the difficult borders (not difficult really but color changes in small areas). Hoping to have this done next week...fingers crossed. I also finished the Pine Mountain "April" I now have enough pieces to change out our monthly counter display...pressure's off for April...but now I have to start on May. I also worked on a surprise piece but couldn't finish it because I need to make a cording with the now I have to learn how to use that..ugh!!! But it's exciting when I work on surprises because the biggest surprise is this is a kit that I purchased when I went to the Hilton Head retreat probably 6 years ago and it's been sitting here ever since along with a multitude of other kits purchased there and on-line that I keep looking at but manage to get distracted by shop pieces and just don't get to them. So to actually take one out of that pile and work it is next to a miracle, and so exciting. Plus this happened to be a one-nighter as it turned out...over one, stitched in one night and put together the next day...a win win people. But now I have to turn my attention to some new samples for the shop for next work is never done but fortunately I love to stitch so I really don't mind. But it's picking new projects that gets difficult...there are too many to choose from and I seem to want them all.  The
sample you see on the right is actually a gift to me from Renee a few Christmas' ago.  It's a leather wristlet with a needlepoint insert.  I loved it, but won't use it, of course, for fear I'd get it dirty so when we started bringing in needlepoint we purchased this particular canvas because we already had a model.  Win Win...thanks Renee.  While I'm a fast Counted Cross Stitch stitcher, I'm slower than Moses when it comes to needlepoint.  I have to think too much if I'm using specialty stitches, although we got in a couple of great books in Nashville this year, which tell you which stitches to use for different elements so perhaps I'll be able to speed up.   Update on Colby....she's hanging in there...goes to treatment up in Baltimore every Friday.  The news is encouraging and we presented Colby with her prayer purse and her mother with her prayer shawl last week.  She sent Sara pictures with Colby holding her prayer pocket and she wore her prayer shawl while Colby was getting her treatment.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Got to run to get tickets done....have a great day and stay tuned for more finished models, and news of the fun we are having here.  The sun is out, people are strolling on the new boardwalk...and we're excited to be here even if it is only in the 40's.  Springs coming I hear...we can't wait.  I'm still not putting on a winter coat so that's a good thing.  Have a good night and keep your needles moving. 

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