Thursday, March 7, 2013

We're Home.....

We've actually been home since Tuesday....I was just too lazy to get the computer up and running...hell I never got off the sofa.  But today I decided to take a shower, get dressed and get a move on.  We had an uneventful trip home, made it in 2 days and were thrilled since Wednesday was suppose to be the monster snow storm.  For us it was a Northeaster' and we got the torrential rain and flooding with the added lightning and thunder which isn't usually part of our northeasters but it proved to be an ugly day outside, but I was warm cozy and finishing a project on the sofa so I really didn't care.  And today, Wednesday, I woke up to the glorious and beautiful sun.  A good day which meant in celebration I worked on the web site and the blog.  I'm energized.  Anyway, the show was a good one, we brought home lots and lots of good "stuff".   We love, love, love Jeannette Douglas new pieces and of course Shepherd's Bush's new sampler.  Oh, what fun we had running the halls...well, perhaps I was hobbling, but Sara was running.  And the last day of the show Sara came back with a basket of Wichelt Mill Hill Kits that she won.....a good day!  We visited with all our favorite designers, at least the ones that were there.  Linda (Chessie & Me) caught me to ask why I hadn't been in to see her, but we're on her automatic so I tend not to take the time to visit with designers who send to us automatically because there is just no time.  This was a relatively small Nashville, due I think to the timing of it.  Next year it goes back to February.  Anyway, we still had around 90 designers or distributors there and the show is only 2 we're moving our butts along.  We were able to start this year on Friday night...more and more designers are opening then to give us a head start and we love that.  So we had 2 days and one night to get it all done.  That included Sara going back to Priscilla's Pocket and having them show her how to use the lucet.  So she is now our resident lucet expert.  I've decided to break down and get her to show me how to use it as well so perhaps by the time you stop by I'll be a use, not an expert, but a user of it as well.  I'll be putting the things we brought home a little bit each day so keep looking.  Or if you are in town, stop on by.    Anyway, we are glad to be home and found that the boardwalk in front of Salty Yarns is at last finished....Yea!!!!!!  It looks beautiful.   We are looking forward to seeing Cynthia and Crystal two of our favorite stitches from New Jersey,  who will be retreating here for the weekend, so that will be fun for us all as we haul in our Nashville Market stuff and try to get it all put away(not an easy task with all of us trying to get a look at it first).  This is always such fun, with Sara and myself stuffing our totes with charts and kits we just feel we have to have.  Sara and I also stitched while we were on the trip.  I am thrilled to announce I finished the prayer shawl for Colby's mother, and I also finished last years Nashville piece from JBW...Monogrammed Mini Tote and the accessory piece that went with it.  A year late, but I finished it!  Anyway, I'm back to working on my 2 Word Play samplers which have been sitting unfinished in my bag...drat...I've got to get those done or I won't allow myself to start any of the new Nashville pieces (at least not until we unload them tomorrow).  Anyway, I'll try to blog a little more and update you a little more on what we're up to.  But stitchers, it's fun times down here after Nashville and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you.  Sara and I both  pray that you all make it through the latest snow storm safe and sound.  I worry about those in New Jersey, New York and all of New England.  It just seems to be one punch after another, and without the time to repair all the Sandy damage I can't imagine how you handled this latest punch.  You will remain in our hearts and prayers, and we hope this is the last disaster you folks see.  I'm signing off as I want to play a game, just one of hearts before breaking out the needle.  Have a great night and a great weekend.  Keep on stitching people....there's a lot to get done.

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