Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mom and I playing!

Oh,'s in the 40's with overcast skies and so's a little depressing...well that and the fact I'm still pricing Nashville stuff....last dribbles and I'm so bored that I'm playing more hearts on the computer than generating tickets. Boredom has created an opportunity for Sara to play with her phone and get me a picture of my latest finish...JBW's Beach Bag.  Love night people...I'm on fire here.   Last night after finishing the JBW I was too lazy to go back into the sewing room and pull colors for Honey Bunny so I pulled out an oldie but goodie..."over one gauze piece by Erica Michaels "Seaside Squared" and while I still love's a challenge with so many color changes in one of the areas...but I'm getting through it. Got the lighthouse square finished...whoppee and can't wait to get to the sea creations at the bottom because that will go quickly. But to give myself a break I'm going to mix it up by adding Amy Bruecken pieces...such fun...and I'll stitch a while on the Seaside piece and then stitch on Amy's piece for a while. Amy's pieces are always different and fun so that should make up for the stress on a 40 count piece. Sara is also on fire posting to facebook so if you have facebook...go to Salty Yarns and see what all we're doing. It will have to suffice until I figure things out here. In the meantime I'm generating tickets and playing hearts. Sara's caught me numerous times playing...oops!!! Stacy Stinson just stopped by to say Hello. We haven't seen her in the longest time as she has been concentrating on getting her pre-stitching done on the Sherry Jones pieces. But we are all fighting over what we're going to stitch next.  Sara's busy cutting fabric for my pieces as I'm too busy playing hearts to do it...but I'm sure she'll be posting my finished pieces in the next couple of days....not sure by tomorrow, but who knows.  I also started an April Pine Mountain pillow...14 count aida so that should go quickly...although their newer pillows have a little more design on them so what use to be a one night project may turn out to be a two nighter.  Oh, My's snowing here.  I just looked out to see if it's raining and the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen are falling.  They are so big it looks more like seagull poop than snow, but snowing it is.  And we're already here so we can't even take a snowday....darn!!!  Back to hearts

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