Friday, March 29, 2013

New models

Spring must be here because Renee showed up today with her 2013 Annual depicts the Dew Tour Bowl which has been here for the past 2 summers.  So I know summer is right around the corner now. I brought in my weekly finish .... Lizzie Kate "Chicks" nighter which I finished with the Nun's Stitch around the edge and then after backing it with heavy duty interfacing just used double sided tape and attached it to the little yellow bucket for Easter.  Soooo cute and such a cute gift for a grandchild, filled with sweet treats.  The piece is so easy you could knock out a few in a couple of days to decorate multiple Easter baskets or pails for next year.  Start today and get a jump on things.  The rest of my time has been spent on several projects.  I started the Jeannette Douglas Isle of Hope accessories....each piece is about a 1-2 night project so I've finished the scissor keeper and 1/2 of the needle book.  I should be done with this project next week and then it's on to finishing the suitcase box.  This could be my undoing as in my mind I see it one way and somehow it never ends up that way...but I'll keep the faith one more time.  I also started working on one of the Shepherd's Bush those guys, gave 3 to Sara a couple of years ago and she loves them.  I'm also trudging along on the Lucet cord....which I have personally started about 5 times and ended up having to unravel and begin again.  Last weekend I brought in my 4th start over and Sara and I managed to get about 8 inches done and when I got home there was a problem so I had to start over again two nights ago,  and this time I just kept at it until I had about 16 inches...but I need about 24 inches so I'm still going strong, except my finger hurts from the thread being pulled over it.  Boy, the needlework injuries I sustain for my love of the stitch.  I also finished "Blessed are the Mothers" from New York Dreamer which I started last May and after Mother's Day said to myself...why bother now.  So I was thrilled to get it back out (after finding it tucked away in a bag) and get back to it again.  Originally I thought I would just do the verse (Blessed are the Mothers whose sacred Arms Protect Us from a thousand harms), but it does look somewhat bare so I'm thinking I will do the border as perhaps I'm not finished.  Oh, yeah, I just remembered I finished Erica Michael's "Seaside Squared" which I adore and loved doing, but I forget to bring the bag I stuck it in,  to work today (too many bags people) I'll bring it in tomorrow so Sara can take a snapshot of it for me to show.  I'm also thinking that this week I'll start Little House Needleworks "Needleworker".  For some reason I love signs that tell what I am as I have their "Home of a Needleworker" which was a gift done for me and a piece from Twisted Threads from 20 years ago that says, "Home of a stitcher"...  Yes, let there be no doubt in anyone's mind .... this is who I am.  What I am not is a bird watcher....O.K., I did keep an eye on the friggin' Seagulls that year at my house as they were the size of a dog and pulling stuff off my porch.  However, a few minutes ago a woman see's me outside and said, "Are you a local" naturally I thought she was going to ask me about restaurants to visit (that's the common question I get all the time)...but when I said Yes  she said, "Can you tell me where the birds are?"  I was staring at her so intently as I pondered what the hell she was speaking about that she decided clarification was necessary.  So she then says, "Pelicans, egrets,..shore birds."  Since I'm standing in front of Sea Trader I didn't know if she meant statues of birds or real birds so I asked her if she was speaking of real birds and she said yes, but I wasn't to send her to Assateague or back on the bay as she has already been there and there were no pelicans but she did see a heron.  This reminded me of the time the gentlemen asked Sara when they let the Dolphins out.  Apparently he thought the city kept them in a pen of some sort, and released them to swim by the coast every day at a designated hour.  I thought perhaps this was his wife coming to see when they released the birds.  Anyway, I had to admit that I had no idea about the birds.  I said we have seagulls and terns out year round but I haven't seen a pelican since last summer so I'm clueless as to where to send you.  That's a sign I should also stitch but then wear it like a badge of honor because that is really what I am anymore.  People talk and I am clueless as to what they are referring to.  But it's a state I'm more than happen to live in.   Usually I'm alone in the clueless state, but it doesn't seem to matter to me.  I have to tell you folks, the water this morning was twinkling and caribbean blue...the sun was shining brightly, people were on the boardwalk, some in coats and others in barefeet and shorts.  It's a shame you missed it.  This afternoon however, a little breeze has picked up and I believe it's a little cooler, the sea isn't twinkling anymore and it's no longer caribbean blue, but the sun is still shining, people are walking the boardwalk so it's still a good day to be here....just not as warm as this morning.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll be blogging again this weekend, but just in case...Happy Easter one and all!  Have a great weekend.  

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