Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The end of another week of stitching...

And to commemorate the end of another week,  I've brought in my latest finish.....Amy Bruecken's "I have Issues" and boy do I ever.  I finished this last week, had an unfinished frame I bought for something and thought I'd just paint that frame and put this piece in it.  Well...that took me
3 days....3 days to get my fat rear off the sofa and do the job...but I'm thrilled with it and can check that off my list of things to do.  Now I have to paint the suitcase box for the Jeannette Douglas piece...oh, my...I do hate finishing.  It always looks so good in my mind but then something happens between my mind's view and my hands actually doing it.  I'm more of a stitcher....speaking of which I continued on with Seaside Squared...and I finished the bottom half, am working on the middle band which I should have done tonight and then I'll start on the 2nd half of the top...the mermaid and then I'll be done...Check!  I can't wait...I love these over one gauze pieces...even though I have macular degeneration going on I can still do these with my peepers, clip on magnifiers on them, and great lighting...thank God!!!!  I've been eyeballing the new ones we picked up in Nashville and I just love the Thorns piece, but then America is also calling to me...don't know who will be following me home tonight, but I'm pretty sure one of them will be jumping into my bag when Sara's not looking.  Stitching is not the only thing I've been doing at night...Sara taught me how to use the Lucet and after finishing my "special Easter" piece for Sara I found that it called for a Lucet cording.  So I asked Sara to show me how to use the lucet Friday and she willingly showed me how.  When I got home Friday night I worked on it for about 1 hour when I realized that the cord we  cut wasn't nearly long enough for what I needed so I figured I would just start over again...no big deal.  Three "start overs" later I gave up on it and decided to wait until Saturday.  I brought it with me yesterday and explained to Sara that I found an easier way to pull the cord tighter, showed her and she then practiced and did about an inch of it for me....so I went home last night and worked on it until I had about 5 inches done and then stopped.  I can see this is going to be a 4 night project at least....I get bored with it and keep thinking it just doesn't look tight enough so I want to start over, but refuse to again as I've got so many inches done at this point, so I'm just going to keep going and make my decision after I've got the length I need.  By that point I should have this down pat.  Now that I'm almost done with Seaside  Squared, I can't wait to start on Jeannette Douglas' Isle of Hope accessories....my fingers are just itching to get needle in fabric.  Today is rather over cast and gloomy.  Yesterday was gorgeous with the sun shining and people all over the boardwalk, walking, jogging, walking dogs, biking, etc., but today it is bare...either everyone's gone home or they are preparing for the upcoming storm.  Many of you will see snow, we will see rain...again.  I can't believe Easter is coming up next Sunday and we're talking about snow.  Usually for Easter I'm trying to figure out what to wear to church since I only have Sunday clothes for winter....as I am unable to make it to church in the summer due to the hotel and shops being open so many hours.  So I don't have what I called church clothes for warmer weather and I always panic until the 1st of May over what to wear.  (one would wonder why I don't buy something ... but that would mean I wouldn't have an issue)..Anyway, this year it won't be a problem...just another cold day.  It's odd because very few people dress up for church anymore...they wear blue jeans, etc and I don't have a problem with that but can't bring myself to do it.  Back in the day we wore gloves and hats so I'm just thrilled I'm not stuck back there again.  I won't say never, but I plan on wearing my church clothes until the end.  (Mom and Dad would be proud) Got to run...will keep you posted on my progress...hope you are getting some stitching done as well...have a great day.

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