Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm rested and remembered to bring the camera home...

Well, it's been a week since many of you were here and we miss you like crazy. As those who attended will attest, the
hotel was filled to overflowing with stitchers which meant we were
busy, busy, busy. With 71 stitchers signed up we knew we would have a shortage of space in the lobby and the other stitching room we set up, but I have to say the stitchers performed beautifully. Here you see some of the ladies as they worked on their different projects, and our Mary P. who volunteered to cut fabric for 2 mornings and an evening for me. Stasi B. was our other volunteer but we didn't catch her with the camera. Jan B. and her group made a stitching room in their apartment and brought a book on tape which they listened to while stitching. Groups of stitchers just flowed back and forth so there was no bickering over seats, etc., which made the weekend so wonderful for us. We had several new stitchers attend and were more than thrilled when one newbie arrived carrying the Liberty Hill Stitchers Companions I had ordered. Carole got them done early so Gloria and Felice could bring them to that was a big horray for us! Of course they were gone in 15 minutes but it was fun looking at them for that brief amount of time. Barbara C. brought Mitzie M. for the first time. Barbara actually signed up last year, was here for the reception and left for her place in Delaware and we never saw her again. She did call and say she wasn't feeling well, but I always secretly thought she felt it just wasn't good enough to come back to. Well, she not only came back, brought Mitzie and they both stayed with us this year...and not to pat them on the back, but they were a delight. I had so much fun with them in the shop and before they left they signed up for October's I'm thinking they had fun too. In any event, I want to thank all the stitchers who made the event memorable in a nice way. You make working here at Salty Yarns a joy....and I really mean that. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I also want everyone to know when the going gets tough the tough get going and stitchers here pulled up their big girl pants and many able bodied stitchers (some of us weren't and that's O.K.) hauled their luggage to their rooms unassisted. If you recall we had the freight elevator which fell 35 feet with Vernon and 2 workers on it, so until the new one is in place we are without assistance getting luggage up on the floors...well we have arms and legs but not much else. Vernon pulled up his big boy pants and he did the best he could during the weekend and we're grateful he was even able to walk, so he and I thank all the stitchers who helped out. And Sara was so grateful for the help with food...Jodi K. brought an apple pie, yummo, and her pound cake both of which were eaten in short order. And Cynthia R. brought her snickerdoodle Blondie bars...oh, my another yummo. I'm telling you there was no leftovers here. So thanks sure helps out. Stasi B. brought Berger cookies for all of those who were watching Survivor Thursday night and might I ask...'Why the hell is coach still there'. O.K., we watched together during the retreat and not one of us understands this. But I was certain last Thursday that surely this asshole's time had come, but no...there he was still standing, calling himself the dragonslayer (please... what are we in high school) walking back to camp. HELLO PEOPLE...the man's an ass, I swear if he ends up winning I will never watch this show again. I swear to this (please don't remember I said that because you know I'll be there next time it's on). What I loved is when the "loved ones" of the campers were brought on who was there for coach, his mother, father, brother, sister, a great friend? No, the only person who would admit to knowing this jackass was his assistant coach. And what did they do while he was there, discuss what was happening, discuss home, what the assistant coach had been up to? No...the coach told him how everyone called him the dragonslayer because he was in command of the game...excuse me...since when? He hasn't won a damn thing, he hasn't been a force to be reckoned with...he's been a jackass telling the camera how he is the dragonslayer and the head of the tribe...while we all know he's the other end...the ass of the tribe.'s almost too much to listen to. He has got to go. Oh, before I forget, Housewives reunion is 2 hours this week because there is so much to be much bitch slapping...stitchers...get to your sets and tune in because there will be no other entertainment to match it. Oops, got to run....have a great day..

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LadyDoc said...

Once I retire I REALLY want to come to this weekend. Unfortunately, being a school teacher makes April/May busy, and teaching seniors makes them just about impossible, so I will have to wait a few more years.