Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life is kicking my "Ass"

Yes, I'm here and it is a gorgeous day...Sea was sparkling, and there's a breeze but people are still on the beach and in the water. There are more cars than there have been since it's Memorial Weekend, but frankly the crowds are light in my opinion (of course those who drove in last night have been shouting a different tune). Jackie J.'s daughter brought in some Traveling Stitchers Pouches to go with the Little House Needleworks designs and they are so gorgeous...and I have to say...really well made, and new colors so you can change the colors on the piece to your favorite colors perhaps. Anyway, I'll try to get a picture of them up in a few days. I can't seem to get the camera and the stuff I want to take pictures of in the same place. Anyway, Jackie...job well done...thanks so're a peach. I'm about caught up on rest (and now I get sick?) from the back to back retreats. The Delware Valley stitchers were a hoot. While they don't keep me as busy since there are fewer of them and they don't shop at night, I loved sitting with them and seeing their works of art. They were all kinds of smalls for show and tell, and you know I'm all about the smalls. There was even a C.A. Wells...and you know what I think of that woman...but the stitcher did a beautiful job in stitching and finishing. And the stitchers presented Sara and I each with a goodie basket that had so much stuff in it they had to make it into 2 bags. Oh, my it was filled with all kinds of things, a candle, chocolate, pretzels from Philadelphia, Cherry Jam, a Boyds Bear resin box, honey, mercy I can't think of all that was in it...and to top it off a wonderful little miniature sampler done on 40 ct. gauze and while I thought I wouldn't be able to do it...I did part of it already and will have the rest of it done shortly (at least it's in my plan). Anyway, we all had a wonderful time. It's great to be around stitchers...they are a fun crowd. So thank you to the Ladies of the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild. See you in October! As we head into Memorial Weekend, I dread the crowds and at the same time look forward to them. I hate that they take all the parking on my street...don't they know I'm coming home each night? But I love to see the stitchers who visit in the shop. Some of the people we connect with only during their vacations so it's wonderful to see them when they come down. Car weekend was last weekend as some of the stitchers found out. The hotel next door had a fire alarm go off around 3:00 a.m. and the car people obviously thought it was the alarm to go out and start their engines since according to the stitchers in one of our units that's what time they started revving their engines. On my street it was pretty quiet at 3:00 a.m., but good Golly Miss Molly from early morning until around 1:00 a.m. it's go time for the cars and they do nothing by ride around the town. The idiots that run our town decided to just turn all the lights to flashing so you can't get across the streets without taking your life in your hands. I just go from 8th to 10th and no where else while it's car weekend. That's enough of a pain in the ass...but I sure wouldn't go across the bridge since it would take forever to get back. I always look forward to Sunday night of those weekends when I return to my street and there is parking...except this time...even Sunday and Monday had most of the parking taken. Crap!!!! What's that about? But finally when I left this morning it was my car and Mary & Brian's car alone on the street...Whoppee!!! A woman just came into Sea Trader...I'm telling you I hate it when people do this...She comes in yammering about how she is here for the weekend (Excuse me did I ask?) And then asks if she can walk through to the other shop...and I said, "Of course", and then she asks how much a pillow was that is above my head and clearly I can't reach it and I could also tell she's still yammering and has no intention of purchasing the pillow just wants to yammer on. But I get up, pull it down (pulling down other stuff with it of course) only to have her say, "Oh, yes it's very nice...well I'll be here all weekend" (again, who gives a crap? althought I'm secretly praying she forgets my shop) and to top it off she didn't even go through to the other side..clearly now I have to get a ladder and crawl up there (at my weight no easy chore) to replace the other stuff that fell down. Crap!!!! You know, if you are interested in something I don't mind helping you out...but when you are just walking around and clearly not focused enough to shop, then just walk through and look and come back when you are serious. But don't run sales people when you clearly aren't that interested. I hate to actually do any of the labor here...I don't mind sitting, talking, eating, you know all the fun stuff, but My I have to labor as well? I'm old! I'm feeling a little wheezy! My eyes itch, my throat is sore, and I'm bloated. Do I feel like doing manual labor? No! So how come I'm here doing it? I did find Joyce C.'s light however and I swear it's been missing for about 6 or more years. Joyce left her light here so she wouldn't have to carry it back and forth for Stitch 'n Bitch. But at some point years ago, John (one of our hotel crew) broke down the room after Stitch 'n Bitch, put the bag in the back and none of us knew where it was. So I've just been bringing out one of our lights for Joyce. Well, today, not only was I doing inventory, but I was cleaning out part of the back room. Someone had put the bag with the light in it in a carton that has been sitting in the back room all this time but closed up. I'm telling you, it might take us some time, but we get there in the end. God only knows what is in the back...well God and Pat W. She's been trying to clean out the storerooms since she started, but as soon as she makes head way I show up. And you know there isn't a clear spot that I won't fill. Well, I'm sick and contagious, but happy to be included. Talk to you later. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend..

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