Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it just Me?

Sara's birthday is today and she wanted a Smith Island Cake for her dessert, so I rode over to the brand new Smith Island Cake outlet and might I add it was lovely, clean and sparkling new. I walk up to the counter and said, yes, I'd like to get a cake...and I was told..."I'm sorry we are out of cakes but you can purchase a slice." Out of cakes, just opened May 4 and they ran out of cakes. I could get a slice as they had 3 cakes with slices out, but no whole cakes. I was told they didn't anticipate the crowd last week and ran out but were going to back some more tomorrow. O.K. what do you do bake one friggin day a week? Ran out last week...excuse me..so bake another batch! I just looked at them like they were aliens(I mean from outerspace), because to me they were. So I said, can I get some of the cupcakes then (I saw those sitting on stands) and I was told I could. Of course they aren't known for cupcakes, but I had to take Sara something. So the only man in there who seemed to have no purpose as the 2 women were doing everything (that sure is a shocker isn't it?)...anyway, the man leans over the counter and whispers, "we only have cakes left to sell on-line...let me go back and see if I can take one without anyone noticing." O.K., on-line you got them, but not to sell in the store. HELLO PEOPLE!!!I'm here, it's now, I've got the money in hand...give me the damn cake. He comes back with a frozen Strawberries and cream Smith Island Cake...and I said, I'll buy it...along with the 2 dozen cupcakes and call it a day. So I brought home a frozen Smith Island Cake to Sara but at lunch we brought out the cupcakes and were they ever good. Oh, My God...the chocolate one had ganache on top and inside...oh, my I've fallen into the chocolate pit and I don't want to crawl out...let me live here. You've never seen cupcakes devoured so quickly. Of course since I got 2 of each flavor they had we didn't really know what we were eatting, except the chocolate one and the red velvet and amazingly enough...we didn't give a damn. You've never seen food disappear this quickly before. We created a breeze when we all zoomed in to get ours. Then after getting her nails done, Sara came in and said, "I don't know what we're going to do with 2 Smith Island cakes" and I said "What" and she had another one from our next door neighbor who bought one in Salisbury (apparently they understand the importance of baking and keeping their shelves stocked for instore customers) on her way down knowing it was Sara's birthday. I'm telling you it's been a day...Vernon went over to the docks as a friend was coming in on his boat after lobster fishing and let Vernon pay $10/lobster and Vernon got a big cooler full. (Truth is he and Sara haven't eatten all the lobster from the last time they got them). I'm telling you my $272 lobster (I still haven't forgotten) couldn't compare to all the lobster Vernon got at bargain prices. By the way, we went to Ruth Chris' again last night because I had promised Michael I'd take him. He ordered 2 appetizers, and a lobster dinner and still had a banana split for dessert (although we got that after Ruth Chris and he took it home and I'm sure Sara wouldn't let him eat it all). I had the lobster too...perfectly good, normal size and only $30.00. The service was excellent because we asked for Scott..our "go to" waiter...and even though he was the waiter for the 2nd level party going on...he still took on our table and gave us excellent service. He's the best!!!! A real pleasant experience after the night before fiasco. My mother always said I complained about every restaurant, but seriously I don't...but I can't stand poor service. But enough about our misadventures. Weather Report: It's absolutely gorgeous and sunny but not too hot and the ocean is glistening and beautiful...I think I'm in paradise...well, maybe when we get this Smith Island Cake thing settled. I'll get a couple for the Jamboree so you can taste them. I'll order them on-line, apparently that's the secret. Needlework News: Finally the Namaste Buddy Cases have arrived...I'm tell you they were on the slow boat getting here..ordered them in Nashville on the 9th of February and we got them on the 12th of May. Holy Crap...where the heck have they been. We've also got more interesting news for Jamboree attendees...we're having a trunk show of Roger Steinbach's Stitching Accessories. Oh, mercy...I'm a twitter over this. I'm pretty sure we're also having a Trollbead trunk show as well (I've got to do one of these a year and I know you girls won't mind if I do it then...I wanted to do it in May, but surprise surprise I didn't get my act together in time.(another Shocker). Anyway Jamboree is shaping up to be a major event. And finally to keep you posted on my banking fiasco. I went for the $32,000 for the new freight elevator and was told they were going to get me more than that (for what reason I do not know)..anyway, I opened up the bank statement on the partnership to see how much I needed to transfer in to make the mortgage payment yesterday and thought I was seeing things for there instead of the $2,000 I thought was there I saw $59,000. So I called in Sara and said "you need to call the bank...I don't know where this money came from." And then it occurred to me...I forgot to transfer the line of credit over to the other account which was so low I had to ask for the $32,000. Believe me I still went over and signed the paper work for the new line of credit which I won't ever use. I think I may be too old to be doing the books anymore. So now, I've got money I don't need...oh, did I actually say that? Well, let's just say I'm not so desparate anymore. It's always nice to have a cushion. Of course, anything I use still has to be paid back...for some reason they won't just give me the money no matter how hard I beg. I wish you could have seen Sara and I today going into the bank. When we asked for the money, Sara had actually put on her best summer attire and slathered on the make up. I had showered and put on my most presentable attire. Today to sign the papers ... Sara looked like a bag woman, and me...well let's just say I didn't take a shower. I've got to get ready for Stitch 'n Bitch and I believe I hear the Smith Island Cupcakes calling me in for dinner. Talk to you later.

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