Monday, May 11, 2009

Another dinner....another bad review...

Took the family out for Mother's Day dinner as usual and as usual we had issues. We decided our usual special event restaurant, Ruth Chris was not the place to bring Solomon as he has difficulty sitting for more than 5 we decided on Sunset Grille where Mary and I have had many delicious lunches during the winter. Anyway, we arrived 15 minutes earlier than our reservation, and were told that since Mary's family had not arrived yet, we would have to wait to be seated. was 15 minutes before our reservation....the table was ready and can't seat anyone else there since the table was ours in 15 minutes anyway and instead of letting us sit there and start ordering drinks (hence helping the waitress build up her tip) we had to wait. Now, don't get me wrong...I understand you can't hold a table for an hour while people are still waiting for their parties to arrive, however, they knew the people that were coming had a toddler, it isn't New York...we don't eat here at 9:00 p.m., we feed our children sit my ass at the table already. But, in my attempt to be politically correct, I said, "No problem, we'll wait." So Mary showed up at 6:00 and we were seated. Then the waitress arrives for drink problem yet....then takes our order...still on track...and then returns to the table after a while to announce they were out of one of their specials (which 2 people had ordered)....screech...we're starting to go off track....but undeterred Mary and Vernon found something else to order...but now everyone was done with their drinks and wanted another one. But no waitress to take the order. Now we are also struggling to keep Solomon occupied without anything, no bread, no cracker no nothing to put in his mouth. He's 20 months old and he was signing that he was hungry...well, actually he was signing that he wanted something to eat. We had ordered several appetizers as well as dinner so there was no reason that we were sitting there with nothing at this point. We did not see food, appetizers or bread or anything for over 30 fact I believe it was more like 45 minutes before we asked the waitress to bring us some bread or crackers for Solomon well, actually I wanted something as well. I was starting to complain about the service a little louder than a whisper perhaps and Sara was becoming tense for fear someone would hear me and me...I couldn't have cared less...if you don't want to hear what I have to say bring me some damn food. It took Sara close to 20 minutes to get a 2nd drink and I decided at that point to forgo another drink since it would probably arrive sometime after we were done dinner. Of course Solomon gave up on food far before the rest of us and kept leaving the table to go outside which was fine as someone always went with him and he was perfectly happy doing that. We were there for at least an hour before we ever saw dinner. We got our appetizers about 10 minutes before that. While the food was excellent, the service was so bad I cannot begin to tell you. We are not a demanding group...we order and that's basically it. Not one glass was ever taken off the table, we actually had to ask them to take any of the empty appetizer plates off the table...I'm telling you the service was terrible. While some might say, "So what if there were empty glasses on the table"...the truth is dirty plates and dishes should be removed from a table where people are still eating, or sitting in fine dining. It's a thing with me. I don't sit at my table with a lot of empty stuff sitting there and I'm not paying a waitress so why should I sit in a restaurant surrounded by dirty dishes. What made things worse was to see the table of 6 beside us who arrived about 1/2 hour after we got there, get their dinners in 10 minutes and they were out of the restaurant before we were even finished eating. What the hell is that about? Would I eat there bet because the food is excellent and I've never had trouble with the service...but you can believe it probably won't be on Mother's Day. Other than that my day was good. Linda and Candi came in to stitch with me...well they stitched I talked. Stasi S. stopped by as did her mother, Carolyn and other than that it was working in Salty Yarns on a beautiful day in Ocean City. The weather was, sunny, and you could smell summer in the know the scent...suntan lotion, mowed lawns...I love the smell of summer when it isn't so hot you can't function, but when there's that slight breeze blowing the smells of cut grass, perhaps a barbeque being prepared, yes, the smells of summer. When I arrived home I also had a parking place ... score....this past weekend was the usual fight for a place to park at my place since they took down the building next door to me where I use to park and they have the area closed off...damn, a large lot and I can't park there...damn it all. Anyway, I might have to walk a little this year...crap....but on the upside...I might get rid of some of this weight. Not if Linda keeps bringing me goodies...she brought a taste-cake cake for me to test and yummo...oh, I can't wait to make this for the troops...ladies when next you retreat here you will be getting this as well. Excellent. So my mother's day was filled with friends, and family and was wonderful. I hope you can say the same. And now we move forward to another weekend retreat with the Delaware Valley Guild, another group who we love to have in the hotel. A great bunch of stitchers who always bring interesting and gorgeous show and tell. Can't wait. Have a great to run.


LadyDoc said...

I totally agree with you about restaurant service- I am NOT overly demanding but there are limits to my patience.

And, I LOVE the way you tell a story.

~Judy~ said...

Hi! I'm Judy. I was in yesterday at the store. I am the one who ordered the Blackbird Designs Thank You Sarah Tobias. I love your blog! I also read the newsletters. I enjoy reading all your stories.

Shiela said...


Trudy, Karen and I did go to Sunset Grille on Saturday during the Retreat. I too must admit, the food was excellent (Seafood Alfredo) and we would absolutely go back. Maybe even in September when we have Bud with us. I would also say that our service was just OK but we had kinda the opposite with the clearing thing. We had a busboy hovering over us and snatching plates before we were finished. We were there on "Prom Night" so the service was just a little slow.

Anyway, we enjoyed the Retreat as usual and I believe we have converted Karen to be a regular. Thank you again and again. We always have such a great time. Is it too early to register for 2010?

Happy Mother's Day,