Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I know I already posted one this morning, but I just couldn't let mother's day go by without wishing all the mothers, about to be mothers, and those who intend to be mothers...Happy Mother's Day. Mine actually came a couple of days early. I left work 2 days ago, came home...I think I even went on the computer for a few minutes and then went into the kitchen to wash my hands. Now, my kitchen is not huge so why I didn't notice this huge thing in there I do not know, but being oblivious to my surroundings as ususal I washed my hands, and as I started to turn around a white thing flashed in the corner of my eye and I couldn't imagine what it was for an instance, and then I noticed a huge white bow and a sign on my brand new refrigerator saying Happy Mother's Day...Love Sara and Mary. I couldn't believe it...of course the first thing I thought of was "Crap someone saw my refrigerator without my cleaning it first." The second thought was, "Thank God I threw out the old and rotten veggies and fruits last weekend before the cooking for the event started." Vernon and installed my new refrig and transferred all the food over. Wow, not only a new refrig but I found the box of Pillsbury biscuits I forgot I bought. Thanks Vernon...I've had a couple of biscuits every morning. Oh, it was a win win for me. I had been bitching (yes I said it I bitched) about the old refrigerator which came with the apartment when Sara moved after Dad's passing. I left all my new appliances upstairs with Mary. I'm not one that needs new things, but honestly, the bottom shelf on this refrigerator was broken so you couldn't put anything on it. Well, you might not want to put anything on it, but you know I always had stuff on it which made the vegetable drawer unusable. I never had enough space because of now, well I'm over the moon. The same day, Mary told me how Sally Field was on one of the talk shows and mentioned that one of her sons had given her 1 mother's day card and that was the only Mother's day item she ever received. I didn't know what was in store for me at that point, but I said to Mary, "Don't for one minute think you can ignore me." O.K., now I'm embarrassed...the girls did great, better than great. While I don't ask that they spend a lot of money, I do expect to be remembered one day a year with a little extra. I'm not looking for diamonds or furs, but you better had a small gift, no matter what the cost, ready to give me. My girls have never disappointed me.....they are the best! I hope your mother's day goes as well as mine does....Have a great one.