Friday, February 20, 2009

Oops....not again!

Friday morning as I was making my way to the bathroom at 3:31 a.m., I couldn't resist the call of the computer in my new needlecraft room. In fact I think the room has infused me with a new needlework mentality...I can't seem to stitch fast enough or get enough projects done, but I digress. Anyway, I went on line and low and behold another message from Milady's Needle regarding a mistake in the error message from the night before. Normally this wouldn't fill me with dismay, but knowing our Candi W. has started this project gave me pause. So when Candi showed up Friday (which she never does...she's a Sunday visitor) I didn't forget to ask her if she had read my blog regarding the Acorn Box, and she said "yes, but I got an e-mail from the designer as well, and I e-mailed you about that." I am astounded and thrilled to report that Gloria, from Milady's Needle, took the time and trouble to (I'm assuming) google Acorn Box, found Candi had written about it on her own blog and she then e-mailed Candi directly and let her know that the symbols she corrected the first time were wrong and gave Candi the correction to the correction (after e-mailing the first correction, she found that it was wrong as well.) Then I found that Gloria had also e-mailed me. So I have to say while I've always loved Milady's Needle designs, and have stitched a few, I'm more than impressed with Gloria herself. She took the time to try to reach out to anyone who had started stitching this project instead of just sending out a mass correction. That was going beyond what is normally done so I want to say Kudo's to Gloria for understanding what "customer service" really is. Now the correction to the correction for anyone who hasn't posted on line to alert Gloria....The solid square on the graph represents the Red Fox (darker color). The plus symbol on the graph represents the Rustique (lighter color). Fortunately, Candi didn't even look at the symbols, since there were only 2 colors used she looked at the picture so she was using the correct color already. Candi also brought in her finished and framed "Snapperbets." Candi is a fast stitcher, like her mother Linda W., and like her mother she is allowing us to use her pieces for samples. It's such a generous thing to do and just one of the reasons we love these two ladies. I've got to find that darn camera...Sara said she'd lend me one of hers (one of them...the girl has 2 and still won't give one up)...but she's afraid I'd lose it (don't know what would give her that idea). Anyway, as I straighten up my closets and cabinets I'm hoping to unearth it...and then I'll show pictures of all these things...but in the meantime they are hanging in the shop. Candi also brought her computer to help teach me a couple of things. We had a fun afternoon. And before she left I also had her working with a customer (I'm not above using my friends as employees). Because I was playing with Candi I didn't get to work on my Blackbird stockings, but no problem, I did work on it when I got home and managed to finish #4. Oh, my victory..... will be mine. I'm determined to get 36 done by December....oh, my Charlie Brown tree is going to be a wonder(and that's going to take some doing believe me). I am enjoying these stockings so much that I finished a 5th one yesterday and since I finished it by 2:00 in the shop I pulled one of the Lamb Bag's from Shepherd's Bush and finished stitching that by 4:00. I think these bags that they now do are cute and a good alternative for the old Easter Basket. I mean how many baskets does one need. Oh, my God, I'm getting to be like the stitchers on the World's Largest Collection web site. It's seriously exciting. I was so proud of myself I decided I could go back to working on my Christmas Quaker by ByGone Stitches. I'm loving that as much as always. But I have to tell you that Maureen Appleton's Sewing Clamp is calling my name. So tonight I'm going to work on a gift to myself for getting these stockings done. One more and I'm up to date since there are 3 per month. So if you haven't started yours, and you have your charts, come on and catch up with me. We're have our own stitch a long. Other than that, the weekend was a little slow. Weather was a little strange, bright sunshine at times and the next thing you know it was cloudy....but it was cold all weekend. Never got above 38 degrees (O.K., for those of you with a foot of snow this might be a little ridiculous, but for us this is cold). While the Northeast got hammered with snow, we had a sprinkle of rain last night. We had more of the Nashville market show up on's like Christmas for us, but it's still not all here so we're keeping our fingers crossed for today's arrival. AmazingRace update.... While I love hollywood as much as the next guy, I can't stand watching the awards shows because of the bullshit factor, although these guys don't start their speaches with thanking the guy upstairs. That amazes me at the Grammys that every rapper thanks the Big Guy upstairs, My God, whatever like that will make their records talking about tramps, whores, drugs etc., less degrading. Like God is up there listening to their songs about bitches and condoning it. O.K., I digress yet once again. Let's just say I find out on-line who won, who looked like they got dressed in the dark and who looked gorgeous. So I try to watch anything but awards. Like last week, the couple who made me just shake my head was the married couple, Linda and Steve. Was there anyone less prepared to do this race than Linda. But did Steve scream and yell at and for that they took my heart. She was crying like a baby when she took the wrong road (which we all knew she would...apparently she has never been further than her back yard before) and was concerned that he was going to yell at her. But when they finally met up, he acknowedged that he knew she did the best that she could and that she wasn't really good with directions (considering this entire show is based on directions perhaps they should have rethought getting involved). Anyway, after they were eliminated, he spoke of her with such love that I was taken back. They may have seemed like they were from the hills, but what they did know was the meaning of marriage, loyalty, and what is important in life. They never mentioned the money once at the end. So my opinion of them changed abruptly....I'm sorry they are gone and pray they win a lottery somewhere. They truly desire it. And the two stewardesses...well let's just say, for two people who thought they were going to breeze through this because they were so use to traveling that they knew all the ins and outs...these two are clueless. They've proven that they can't read directions, follow signs or anything else. When one of them said, "I really feel like a dumb blonde" she could not have expressed my opinion more. Unlike the other seasons, these folks haven't started fighting yet. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time. After that my night was a blurr of going to the needlework room and putting something away and then deciding I really wanted to stitch, so I walked a lot (oh, my own idea of an exercise program) and got little done. I really can't say that because I did get another area of my Christmas Quaker done. Anyway, I've got to get ready to go to work so I'm going to say Goodbye for now...have a great day.