Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Survivor time again!!!!!

I've got the T.V. on, and I'm excited to have Survivor back, but while I wait for it to come on I thought I'd fill you in on our activity...we've been working like dogs getting the Nashville "stuff" out for the weekend. It's exhausting...and fortunately we priced almost everything in Nashville (I lug printer, computer, etc., and do the tickets and Sara gets the tickets on the "stuff" while we are in our rooms at night), well we priced everything Saturday night, but on Sunday I wanted to stitch so we have been doing that here. And orders are coming in everyday, we've gotten our Bent Creek automatic, Homespun Elegance auto, Weeks Dye Works, oh, I can't think what all we've received but now that's combined with what we brought back. But we should be done in a day or two so I look forward to that. One of the problems we have is we unpack a bag and then we have to look at everything again, and then of course we are busy stuffing things into bags to take home. Honestly, I don't know what I think I'm doing with all this, every other piece I say I'll sample that and we all know I haven't done all the samples from 3 years ago, let alone getting them done for this year. Sara just looks at me and laughs each time I put another chart in my bag. I did finish another one last night, that brings it to 3 since Saturday, but of course they were all easy. I've abandoned, yet again, my big pieces, but I'm seriously praying I get back to them soon, as I love them. And as soon as I locate my camera again I'll show you my progress. Honestly, I should hang the camera around my neck and never take it off I lose it so often, but Christmas I was just throwing stuff in cabinets before people arrived so God only knows where I'll find it. I've had several calls about the Little House Needleworks Travelers Stitching Case which was sold out at market, they didn't make enough (no big surprise) and we never got any to begin with. I've contacted Hoffman who indicated they would not have more but then I also contacted the makers and they said there wouldn't be any more made.(perhaps they shouldn't have let Little House put their name on the package). They are coming out with a Spring collection and I've signed up for that. I figure I can change the colors on the chart to match that case when it arrives. I can't understand why they didn't include directions to make the bag and needlecase since the design is cute and since it's a Little House design they had to know everyone would want it. I think it was short sighted of someone, and yes, I realize you could figure it out yourself, if you knew how to use a machine, but that's like too much work for me...I need directions, and ready made would be even better. TV Alert....O.K., I'm starting to see who I believe will be going home....the coach is absolutely going to be a jackass, all knowing, of course I could be wrong, but the minute someone thinks they have all the answers I don't like them. I felt sorry for the 2 that were voted on to begin with and thrilled when they ended up being flown to the campsite instead of having to hike....I only hope they last more than 1 day. O.K., so they just did the challenge and who did good...the older lady...and I bet they still try to get her out. I have to wonder though, why the hell she doesn't know what pace means....10 paces..for God's sake why doesn't she know that? Well, will wonders never cease...Sandy is still on the team. Well, good start. Can't wait to see what next week brings. I've been busy getting product on the web site, but I realize I'm not working fast enough...if you see something you want and I don't have it up yet, don't worry, just e-mail me ....and I'll ship it because chances are it's here. I beg you not to use the response on the web site as I haven't a clue where those go. I've yet to get one...somewhere my response e-mail from the web site is definitely piling up. Anyway, have a great to you later.

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