Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you weren't here you missed another Stitch 'n Bitch

That's right, Stitch 'n Bitch was tonight and we had some new faces, Eileen, Cindy and Brenda came down from Rehoboth and joined our crew, Jennifer, Hedy, Pat, Kay, Linda, Candy, Joyce, Connie, Sara and yours truly. We have so much fun at these meetings, we really do solve all the world's problems and at the same time get some stitching in (O.K., I've yet to pick up a needle at one of these meetings, but my stitching is there if the mood strikes.) Jennifer brought in her show and tell...Lauren's Jamboree chair from last year finished and put together, as well as a Sajou tin with a stitched top (over one no less)...beautiful. Beth brought in her Eileen Bennett piece and she was almost finished with it. Candy had already finished her Bent Creek Alphabet piece and it's at the framers, so tonight she brought in her Shepherd's Bush piece which she has just started and during the evening worked on a new piece, Acorn box, from Milady's Needle, over 2 on 40 ct. (oh my aching eyeballs)...and she got the border done on that at the meeting...on 40 ct...no magnifier or light...oh, to be young again. Hell I not only use peepers now, but I also use a dazor light and a magnifer. Mercy, getting old is a bitch. Since this was the first time the girls had been in since we returned from Market, we had a market night. It was so much fun seeing what the girls picked out and getting excited over the new things from market all over again. I had my two Blackbird Stockings at Stitch 'n Bitch and are they cute.....and one night per stocking...one night people...I know I'll have 36 done by Christmas...they are easy and cute. Now putting them together may just drive me nuts, but I'm determined and if I give in I've always got Caroline who will take care of the "assembling ", she is my port in the storm. And Pat W. supplied the strawberry shortcake, as well as cheese and crackers for the snack...yummm! I have to say, our food is always good and well received...it can't be a meeting without food, can it? I know for us it can't be, in fact I think we just bring in our stitching to work on while we eat. We are missing a few of our ladies, Jackie J. is still recuperating from surgery...we miss you Jackie, and Ellen was back up in New York...we can't seem to coordinate the meeting with Ellen being here...but perhaps next month. The meeting broke up a little early since American Idol has the ladies in a froth...it's always some show and if 2 shows are on Tuesday that they want to watch...well watch out! Sara rushed out thinking she would miss the 1st of the Housewives of Orange County, however, I arrived home in time to see it and I left 1/2 hr later. Speaking of which, these broads are a red hot mess and the New York housewives which followed at midnight are in even worse shape. What I love is Ramona on the New York housewives was saying how she would never have spoken to a reporter and make a negative comment which would end up in the New York papers because it would be rude. However, that idiot has no problem making an ass of herself on national t.v. which goes out to a much larger audience than a New York paper. I mean, ladies...you need a reality check. Not only do the rest of us, who are truly ladies ...O.K. I realize my membership in the Ladies Club is perhaps in danger of being cancelled however I shall still speak for us all...never ever want to be like you....we have the sense to stay off away from television cameras that follow your ever move. I mean we aren't ladies all of the time, especially in our own homes....but out in public we at least try. The Housewives, and I speak about all of them, are so egotistical, they think what they have to say is of the utmost importance. You know ladies, we are laughing at you...not with you. Now if you haven't tuned into this fiasco yet, Bravo folks on Tuesday night for the greatest laugh of the week. It will make your world seem so much better seeing the crap these girls throw around. I'm sure the real ladies of New York are embarrassed and cringing everyweek but I'm also certain their T.V.'s are turned to the Bravo channel....not that any of them would even admit to it. That's where we differ....I'll admit to it, roll around it, relish it, and then report to you on it. This is too much of a "hoot" to miss. When the reality shows started I was one who booed the trend. "Who wants reality?" I said...."I want to escape the problems of my life with mindless T.V." well, the worm has turned and if it's reality vs. regular programming, well I may be embarrassed to admit this, but I'm tuned to the reality show, and I come away feeling so much better about myself and my life. Oh, for instance, Vicki on Orange County housewives last night telling the entire world she bought herself a Rolex (like who gives a crap but Vicki)...not her husband, mind you, but she bought it for herself. And she was telling and showing everyone at the party (like they gave a crap)...and Tamra showing the diamond bracelet her husband purchased for her (for her birthday 3 days earlier but he just gave it to her coincidently when the T.V. cameras were there at a party for the housewives..yea that's a big surprise), to everyone telling everyone what a great guy he was...and then when Gretchen, the newest housewife, gets a gift from her dying fiance at the party and wants to show it to everyone, Tamra and Vickie don't want to go see it (a pink Harley) because as they said, "Gretchen has to be the center of attention everywhere she goes and it's ridiculous..." and yet they were doing exactly the same thing. Vickie is so bad at having to be the center of her universe and everyone elses, that people are now telling her that. God, help these women....they really do get more obnoxious every year. I have to wonder....when they watch these episodes (and we know that they do love to see themselves on T.V.) do they see what the rest of us see. Frankly since this is on the 3rd or 4th season, they apparently do not, because they've only gotten worse. While I know my mother looks at me and shakes her head, I know she is thankful I have not chosen to join up with one of these crews. While we all need money to survive, at least it is not the central theme in my life, although my bank and my accountants wish I would put more emphasis on it, but it's just not that important to me. I was in business for at least 10 years when my accountant asked if I was using Salty Yarns as a write off. "What" I asked, and he said, "Look, you haven't made money in 10 years, you have to be using it to write off money you are making somewhere else." As stupid as I was I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, but it was at that point that I knew I had to get serious about the business and buckle down or I had to give it up. I chose to buckle down and I would like to think today that the accountant (if he was still with me) would think I was doing O.K. However, my new accountant wants me to give up the shop as well because it doesn't make enough. And you know telling the bank and the accountant that I wasn't interested in putting thousands of dollars, or millions (like that would happen) in the bank, I just wanted to pay my bills, save a little for vacations and live my life. Somehow that does compute with them...but I'm doing it my way anyway...until my friendly IRS agent comes to the door to take me away. Yes, and that could be any day. They are now contacting me on a weekly basis looking for past tax forms which they say I haven't filed. While I couldn't find one from 1998 and finally just sent a check and said get off my back, I've been able to find all the rest along with the cancelled checks...but I'm sure I'll get 10 more notices on each one before the end is here. Crap...and my tax dollars pay for this harassment...I find all of this hard to take. Well, I've got to run and get to work to find more tax forms to copy, so I'll end here with a "have a great day" and try to fit some stitching in.

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