Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oops....a mistake is found

For those who already purchased "Acorn Box" by Milady's Needle (and I mean Candi W.) I just received an e-mail regarding a mistake. I'm saddened by this knowing that Candi has already done the border...and I'm hoping no more. But the chart shows a mixup in symbols.

The symbol S should be for Red Fox and the symbol + should be for Rustique. They are the other way around in the pattern.

My suggestion for Candi would be let the border stay as it is and just change the colors on the rest of the pattern....40 ct...crap! According to Milady's Needle this chart was checked by numerous people and no one realized the mix-up. Someone stitched the entire piece and contacted them to ask why theirs looked so different. But I often change the colors on a piece so I'm not sure I'd even care....but it's something to keep in mind if you decide you want this kit. O.K., I am updating from my new office/master bedroom. I've been in this apartment since my father died...remember we all switched residences and I took Sara's old apartment as it was the smallest one (3 bedroom..2 bath). I got the rest of the apartment straightened out (just this winter I might add after 3 years?) except for the master bedroom which I couldn't make a decision about. I figure at 60 this is my last move, my last bedroom to do so I was certainly taking my time, and everytime anyone mentioned my "storeroom/master bedroom" I just kept saying, "I'm only going to do this once so I want to make sure what goes in there...I can't decide between a bedroom and a needlework/office room." While I was in Nashville, Sara instructed Vernon and John they had one week to put in the wall unit I talked, paint and install. So as usually happens with us, they built the bottom part of the unit off site and when they brought it in to place it they couldn't get it from the hall into the bedroom due to the size of the unit so they ended up cutting it in half to get it in. After that I think it was pretty smooth sailing. I spend a hour or so each morning going through all the "crap" that's been moved out in order to get the cabinet placed and it's huge. I love this unit. I now have my computer station set up and work in here each morning before actually going to my office. And seeing the shelves after I put something on them is even exciting (apparently I have no life at all). Anyway, this is making it easier to work from home on the web site, which I update now every day. Yes, I'm in heaven in my workspace and can't wait each day to get in here. Of course now I have to get new furniture to go with my new wall unit. Oh, my as soon as I find my camera I'm going to show you this baby because it's perfect...big enough to hold just about all my needlework stuff...well, almost, but I think I can at least get it out of the walk in closet and shove in these cabinets....after going through it all again. It's like Christmas everytime I open a bag. Gotta run, work is calling. Well, I hadn't been at work 5 minutes when I had to run over to the shop and check the Shepherd's Bush rack for someone....and when I was done checking I found I had pulled 8 kits for myself...yes, 8 kits for Easter and spring. Thank God I've got the new wall unit at my house, now if I could only find more hours in the day I might actually get a couple of these stitched. STOCKING COUNT: 3, yes folks, I stitched another Blackbird stocking last night so now I've done Januarys and will begin on Februarys. I'm going to get 36 done I'm telling you that now...I guarantee it...and if I don't I'm going to lie about it and say I did. So unless you see pictures (I'll have to borrow a camera if I don't find mine) don't believe a word I say. But seriously, the ladies at Stitch 'n Bitch saw the first 2 and I'll have all 3 or more in the shop on weekends so you can check on me untill I get the pictures up. I've had several people go on the automatic for these book (for those who haven't received yours yet, they are coming...I should get the shipment by the end of this have time to catch up). I was going to use the fabrics and fibers they suggested, however, last night I found I didn't have all the fibers (how is that possible?) so I just pulled what was close in color and I've done all of mine on just 1 of the suggested fabrics. I'm loving them though and plan to do another one tonight. That will give me something to do while I wait for SURVIVOR to come on. Got to watch that yelling at them from my sofa I give them strength to carry on. (God, if only that would work I could rule the world...along with a million other people). Anyway, I'm about to head out to the grocery store to get in some munchies to keep me happy so I'll talk more tomorrow unless Survivor forces me to go on-line. Keep your needles moving ladies and gentlemen(Hi Greg M.) and I'll talk to you later.


SamplerNut said...
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SamplerNut said...


Okay, the correction is as follows: The solid square on the graph represents the Red Fox (darker color). The plus symbol on the graph represents the Rustique (lighter color). Despite our best attempts to catch every error before printing, this one slipped by us. I am sorry that this error occured.

It looks as though my email to shops transposed the solid square to an S symbol when I cut and pasted the information in from my pattern. I just found this out when someone emailed me back and I could see the mistake in her message. Tonight, I find it in the Salty Yarn blog, so thought I would go ahead and correct the correction. :)

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience this may of caused some of you who have already started this piece.

Milady's Needle

Candi said...

I just wanted to let you know that Iam so good that I had figured out what color went where and I have it right! WOohoo because you know me I would have had to take it all out and re-do it! LOL I'm comming up tomorrow instead of sunday because Snapperbets is done being framed!!! I'll bring my computer this time! :)