Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thank God the Weekends over!

Yes, I said it and I mean it. Forget about the noise, etc., the anxiety of filling the hotel in one fell swoop you just know things are going to go south quickly and they did. I've reported on our staff so many times you already know we have too many Ukraine students working for us this summer, and one Irish student. Now you would think the Irish student would be a breath of fresh air as she speaks English...well I have to tell you if brains were dynamite, she wouldn't have enough to blow herself up. Today Sara and Mary realized she was putting the wrong amount in the computer when people paid...thank God they paid by check so when Sara saw a $1,000 amount that shouldn't have been there we were able to track it was suppose to be $104.00. She also typed in things like the cents wrong...for instance if it was $194.73 she'd type in $194.49. I mean it didn't make sense...she wasn't even transposing numbers...God only knows what the hell she was doing. We can't leave her alone for 5 minutes for fear of what she'll screw up and then I'm not too sure she gives a damn anyway. It's enough to make me long for the Ukraine tell the truth the best students we ever had were Polish...everyone of them. Tell all the Polish jokes you want, but if you want a hard worker who goes the extra mile...hire the Polish. Anyway, last night we had a tenant come over from the lodge reporting that the a/c had fallen out of the window. Sara and I just looked at each other like "what the #%$@ " is she talking about. Sara was pissed off because she really doesn't like the woman and the apartment she was talking about wasn't hers so Sara was wondering what the hell she was in the other apartment fooling with the a/c for in the first place. Let me preface this will saying..these things always happen after Vernon's gone to lay down for awhile and Mary has gone home, so it's Sara and I (which we all know means Sara alone). Anyway, she heads off for the lodge while I go to the laundry room to help down there as the boys were loaded down with sheets and towels to do. This was our first major weekend of the year and it took our foreign staff by surprise, even though we had warned them that we usually houseclean for more than 1 or 2 hrs in the summertime. They were busy from 9:00 - 3:45 p.m and a few of them then went to work their 2nd job, but they were none to happy about that I can tell you. Anyway, when Sara returns to the laundry room she is just shaking her head. The woman was reporting the problem but she had nothing to do with it and it wasn't even on her floor. She happened to see it fly out of the window and fall 2 stories. The idiot who is a member of the staff no less, went into the room where his friend was staying, found the a/c not working and thought he would just change it himself. Now, while I somewhat blamed Vernon for not screwing the a/c in, Vernon reminded me that if he had and the young man had unscrewed it, the result would be no different, because he wouldn't have thought to hold on to the a/c. We were fortunate that Carla (our neighbor) was not in residence with her big old car sitting under the a/c, and we were thanking God no one walking down the side of the lodge. We no sooner got rid of that problem when another group called regarding lack of hot water. So Sara went over to the boiler room and found one of the hot water heaters had a low flame. She couldn't get it to go higher so we called my next door neighbor who bless his heart put his steaks on the grill on hold and rushed down. After fooling with the hot water heater he got everything back in the grove and hot water was spilling forth once more. For the remainder of evening we folded sheets and towels until I was begging to go back to work in Salty Yarns. No matter how tired I get in here it still beats the Laundry Room. But I have to tell you as noisy as the 4th was, last night was so unbelievable quiet I thought it was September. Plus with the somewhat moist weather it was cool and with the fan blowing on me it was heaven...shear heaven. Today it's been a strange day of overcast, drizzle at times, and just not a great beach day...even though the sun tried to come out at times. Of course the weekend was so exhausting I spent my day dozing at my desk inbetween scanning and adding to the web site, but honestly that is such a snoozer I kept falling asleep. These 10 minutes naps aren't that refreshing however, hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight. Oh, I have to tell you a funny thing that happened. Vernon came over from the house the other day and a bike minus it's front wheel was sitting unattended, nor was it chained to the post, outside the side entrance. So Vernon, for fear it would get stolen, pulled the bike into a storage room and left word at the desk that whomever left the bike could get it from Vernon whenever he wanted it. Each night Vernon asked if anyone had mentioned the bike. It was a new mountain bike no less. With the wheel gone we just knew the people were tenants who left the bike thinking with one wheel missing no one would take it (and they were wrong about that), but after a couple of days someone brought the wheel and left it by the same post...and never claimed the bike. Can you imagine. I can't, people come to the desk all the time for lost cameras, wallets, purses, etc., that they left somewhere on the property. We all got quite a chuckle out of the wheel returning, but we are still left wondering whose bike it is. Heads up for those coming to Ocean City...don't leave your things loose on your porch or anywhere. Whether someone wants it for their own use or just will take it because it's there...the chances are your stuff will be taken. So take it inside. We're no different in the summer than Baltimore City, and you wouldn't leave your stuff out there in the winter...that's a different story. While it's not the same as when we use to leave doors unlocked and cars unlocked, we can still leave things out without fear of them missing the next day.

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