Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July was my personal nightmare!!!!!

Holidays and weekends are always a nightmare down get a lot of people in town looking for free parking on any one's lot they can get on, and you also get a certain type of people in town that are just objectionable. For instance...Sara and I are on parking lot duty on weekends and holidays...which means we sit there and guard, yes I said guard, our parking lot for hours. It's hot and boring, although we often get a laugh or two, but more than likely we spend the entire time arguing with people over their right to park on our lot. And with the fireworks last night, well everyone and their brother wanted to park by the boardwalk and watch them. Vernon was itching to tow and I was protecting the lot so we wouldn't have to. I won, but it is hot and exhausting. They did ply me with a frozen drink, which was great, however, since I'm not a real drinker just the one drink made me high, so now I'm hot, sweaty, drunk and a danger to myself. Poor Sara was pulled sixteen different ways, by the shop people, hotel problems and by me, but she left me for a few moments and I noticed that the line of cars in the alley is stopped waiting for something and all of a sudden doors to a car open, two women jump out and run under the line closing off the parking area behind one of our buildings. I really thought they were looking for the walk way through to the boardwalk, but after a couple of seconds I got up to check and didn't see them so I walked over behind the building and there they were squatting in the parking lot, in broad daylight, peeing. Yes that's what I said, they had their pants around their ankles and letting it fly. In daylight, in front of people sitting on their porches. These women were Spanish speaking so believe me they didn't understand the curse words coming out of my mouth and thought by patting their stomach and telling me they couldn't hold it that I would understand their peeing not only on the parking lot, but one of them backed up to the back door of the apartment that was rented and peed all over the mat at the back door and the stoop. Now how would you like to put up with that crap every weekend. It's really enough to make you lose your religion and it definitely makes you lose your tolerance for other nationalities, well one in particular since that is the group that is always doing this type of thing, with the except of high school seniors. But these were adults who thought it was alright. There is a public bathroom about 100 feet away and they choose outside on my property. Which meant of course that Sara and I, ( and when I say Sara and I, that means Sara) had to wash down the sidewalk, backdoor, met, etc., with bleach. Thank God it poured rain which should have quieted things down, but idiot neighbor waits until I get home and then he lets off firecrackers for about 1/2 hour. I live through that only to have a group of Spanish Speaking people sitting on milk crates beside their car parked on the road beside my neighbor's apartment building drinking and letting off fire crackers every hour on the hour until about 6:00 a.m. when they finally found a parking space. They stayed up all night waiting for a car to move off the street so they could park. Why the hell do they come down here if they don't have a place to stay...and that's another thing. If they do decide to rent, this same group of Spanish speaking people, send one person to the front desk, say there are 4 of them, when there are 5 more sitting in the alley waiting to go in the room. 7-9 people in a room with 2 double really, if you can't go on a trip and have your own bed stay the hell home. Hotels are not camp grounds. There are fire regulations you know! Anyway, due to past experience with certain groups we just don't rent to them in the first darn place. I once did and I rented an apartment to 5 and when the guys in the parking lot counted heads there were like 16 of them. Needless to say I kicked their ass out and gave them back their money. But it infuriates me to even have to deal with this kind of thing. Thank God, our families are really wonderful, and while we get a few who tweak our last nerve, generally speaking they follow the rules and are prize tenants. Obviously, money doesn't matter a great deal to me I'd rather do without than rent to these fools. And what it does is taint an entire nationality. I know that all Spanish speaking people aren't like this, and I want the ones who understand we don't just pull up to someones property to pee, explain to those who do such a thing that it isn't proper in this country. That's all I'm asking. I'll explain to Americans what they do wrong, you take care of your fellow countrymen. Because believe me, dealing with the foreign students in the shop is all the foreign relationships I want to have to deal with. As it is, I really need to have an interpreter on staff. Anyway, I lived through another 4th of July and should get some sort of medal. I could have used the stun gun numerous times, but Vernon feels it is best if I'm not informed as to the whereabouts of the stun gun...but you can bet before the end of the summer I'm going to have a 'come to Jesus' meeting with someone and the stun gun is going to play a part. Perhaps it will be the next person who decides it's o.k. to pull down their pants in public and urinate. Yes I think that's the one I'm going for...stay tuned folks.

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