Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Please don't ask this in my stores....

O.K., I thought I might just go for a while without a rant, but no, they just wouldn't let me. A woman was purchasing a couple of things and first had to go ask her husband permission (that's a rant I've had before)...and then she comes back in and she is 3 cents short. So she asks me if I will let it go. Thankfully before I could bitch slap the woman her husband meanders in and hands her the 3 cents. Now why does this piss me off? Well, here's your answer. We're working on short margins here so that 3 cents comes out of my pocket. I don't care if it's $1000 or .03's all the same to me. I can't go to IRS and say, "I'm a little short, is that O.K." I'm just certain they'd let it go and say "Sure Sally, we understand shortages..." And I'm pretty sure I couldn't ask my suppliers to forgive .03...hell they dunn me for 5 cents...and that's o.k., because if I owe it I mean to pay it. If everyone that came into the store and purchased something asked me to forgive 3 cents...that would add up to hundreds by the end of the summer, o.k. maybe just a couple hundred, but would you mind losing $100...I think when you come in and you don't have enough money, ask me to hold it while you go back and get more money or to hold it until the next time you are coming in. I really prefer that. It's not like I'm in a good mood anyway, I've been in Trollbead hell for 2 days. The rep who was suppose to be here between 11 & noon yesterday finally showed up at 4:00 p.m....can't tell you how thrilled I was with that. And then every bead had to be taken out of it's little zip bag and the trays had to be assembled and stickered and the beads then put into the proper tray (she should have told me the beads were bagged in order...) and anyway, it took us 3 hours to do all that and then she zips through her little demonstration and after assembling necklaces, bracelets and 2 tiers of the display I said, "Excuse me, but how am I suppose to know which beads you have put on the display and jewelry?" And that idiot, who by the way spent the entire evening calling me Mary, even though I told her my name was Sally, just looked at me and said, "oh, then perhaps you should be assembling the tiers," and off she went into whatever fantasy land she came from. So here I was with all this and confused to say the least. Knowing the girls in the shop couldn't handle this without cue cards, today I've spent the day cutting pictures of the beads out of the brochures and making cheat sheets for everyone. I'm exhausted, but on the plus side, my pasting and cutting have greatly improved. What I love about having these beads is that I plan to use some on my scissor fobs...they are so gorgeous. Of course Renee had to burst my bubble by saying, "That would be a rather expensive scissor fob!" But I don't care when I make fobs, expensive is never an issue, which is why I used a troll bead on hers...I'm thinking she's not remembering her bead. Anyway, I'm almost done with the display, O.K., almost might be stretching the truth, I have one side 2 more days and I'll be ready, and the rep is threatening to return. God Help Me.

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