Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's still Saturday Night and people are jackasses!

We had a family renting 3 units checkin earlier this afternoon and they had a trailer behind the car loaded with their crap. They pulled into a space belonging to another apartment to unload and we let that go. But after they hadn't been near the car for an hour Sara called one of the apartments and told the man he would have to move the car. He came down, moved his car to the back lot and during a search of the lot Sara realized the 3 units already had cars on the lot, so she called the unit back and told the gentlemen(and I use that term loosely) that he would have to remove his car from the lot as they already had 3 cars there. This jackass admits he isn't staying with us but then says, "I can't find a parking space." Sara explains that this isn't our problem and his being here is taking the parking from another unit so he really must remove his car. So then he asks her where he can park it. You know we can tell them where to park but they never want to go there because it means they have to walk 2 blocks..2 blocks people, not a mile. Anyhow, after many words were passed back and forth he finally moved his car. Sara is having a fun summer people...all I can say is if she doesn't kill a tenant before summer's end I'll call this summer a success.

Sunday...well, just when I think I'm going to get through the day without a rant, well someone walks in and it's game on. I get to the shop at 4 to take over my shift and there was a woman with overdyed ribbon and overdyed silks in her hand talking to Pat, who was working Salty Yarns today. I took one look at the woman's head and almost had to tell her the truth. Pat sees me and says, "here is the woman who can help you out." So I ask what the problem was and this woman wants to purchase the overdyed ribbon and silk to wrap around her pony tail. Now at this point you may not see the problem...but you had to see her hair. Now ladies, I don't mean to be racist, and I don't think I am when I state...white women do not look good in corn rows...and I mean that with every fiber of my being. Perhaps Bo Derek looked gorgeous, but she would have looked gorgeous bald, that doesn't mean all of us should rush out and shave our heads, although I have to tell you I have seen many beautiful women with no hair...but I digress. African Americans have it all over us when it comes to corn rows. So for God's sake let the African American woman who looks wonderful with this "do" have it...I happen not to like the bleached blond look on African American women...although I don't always like it on American women either, but I think I'm digressing again. Anyway, not only did this woman not look good, she looked down right bad. And the corn rows pulled up in a pony tail (which probably measured about 3 inches so it stuck straight out like a horse's tail as the horse is taking a poop.) So I'm looking at this red hot mess wondering why she would spend any money on something to wrap around it when she should be putting a bag over her head and I would have gladly given her one for free. I have to give Pat credit because she never cracked a smile and spoke to the woman like it all made sense. But when the woman left, Pat looked at me and I said, "I'm sure glad you didn't look at me while she was here because I know I would have peed all over myself laughing." Pat knew it was going to be crap shoot if she looked at me so she decided not to until the woman was out the door. So all the light skinned ladies who think this style is cute...forget about it...we look ridiculous in corn rows. It's one of those nights in the shop where not much is going just rained for a short time, probably no more than 20 minutes, and since it's early the people are back out and shopping. Unfortunately I'm getting the mothers who are trying to get some peace and quiet by hiding from their kids...the unfortunate part, the kids are finding them and then I have to deal with the monsters and listen to their nagging. One little urchin sat in the chair by the glasses and I just knew this wasn't going to be good. But I said nothing as she tried on glass after glass, and then I saw her try to take the magnetic plastic on the lens telling you what strength it is. She saw me look at her so she put them back, but then took another pair and the little pain in the ass then puts them under the counter where I couldn't see them, however, she's an idiot because I stand up and see her pulling on the tag. So I said loudly, "Please do not take that off because it shows what the strength of the lens is. I then look at her mother who acts like she's my problem. I hate mothers like this. I just dealt with a young child probably about 8 with her weekend father and he was just following her around while she annoyed me with questions. This was after she walked in, came to the counter, raised her Shell Stocked bag and said, "I just spent $11 in this shop so I won't be spending any money here." I don't believe there's a sign stating you have to spend money in the shop, but apparently she feels she must tell you. Then she asks if the shop was here last year and when I said yes she then said, "That must be why you look so familiar." This kid could not have been more than 8. Meanwhile her father just follows her like a puppy and never says a word. Precocious little twit. I made the mistake of letting her see me stitching and then I had to play 20 questions with her while she explained how her grandmother let her sew on a was a fascinating and stimulating conversation...after which thankfully she left. These have been my most unforgetable characters in tonight. Be glad you missed them. I'm stitching for the first time in I don't know how long...but I'm still working on Scatter Freedom by Shepherd's Bush. The good this pace I should be done in a month. Seriously, I could get this done in a couple of nights if I just worked on it. Normally I'm sitting here like I'm in shell shock...or half asleep, but tonight I'm determined to get something done...and here I sit blogging so I don't have to. No, I'm done's time to stitch. Have a great evening...should anything absurd happen you know I'll come back to tell you about it. O.K. something absurd has happened...we can't get the front door to lock...I may be here all night and if I am I'm going to be blogging to let you know how upset I am to be here all night....hold on to your hats ladies it could be a bumpy night.

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Tammy said...

Your post made me LOL. I love your store and wait all year round to get back there. HOpefully next weekend will be better!