Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life can be a crap sandwich and each day is a new bite!

I arrived for work yesterday and sat down at the computer, noticed a key looked a little crooked and when I touched it it popped off, now I am missing 2 keys...no with that another popped off (what the hell is happening here?)...so now I'm trying to type with no left shift key, no 't' and no 'g'...if you want to know what a pain in the ass is, try that. I finally got the brilliant idea to plug a keyboard in to my laptop, but we're still waiting on the keyboard....Vernon's job. I may just have to handle this myself. As if things weren't bad enough, when Sara did the schedules on Saturday she didn't have enough people for night so she and I were scheduled for Salty Yarns and Sea Trader which usually means I'm scheduled for both and once she gets Michael asleep which could be anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30 she'd help. But these shops are too busy for me alone so last night she and Michael helped. I have to tell you, he actually worked really well last night, getting up on ladders to get merchandise down and back to replace stuff. He really was an enormous help, as was Sara. We had 3 people who needed to learn punchneedle and one needed to learn counted cross stitch. When they asked me, I just did what I normally do when I don't want to do something, I called Sara over and asked her to demonstrate since she is the expert. And she always does. She's really good at it so I wasn't lying. I tend to confuse the issue rather than help. In the midst of total confusion Sara asked Michael to send "Aunt Susie" over to Sea Trader. I panic thinking my sister has shown up unannounced (oh, my God, my house is a wreck...well not a wreck but I haven't dusted in months...you know my theory and I hadn't picked up the multitude of bags I just dropped on the floor)...anyway, oh, my God...Vernon just brought in my new keyboard and I'm back to typing like a normal person....Alleluia....praise the Lord...O.K., back to the story...anyway, I'm looking all over the shop for my sister and when I can't find her I look back over and there is Sara looking over and giving me the eyeball. (her way of saying something is up)...so I go over wondering what the hell I'm getting myself into and she starts whispering something about a salesperson for Troll beads needing to talk to the owner, Aunt Susie. That's Sara's way of not sic..ing salespeople on me exactly...I can talk to them and then tell them I have to talk to the owner..Aunt Susie... before a decision can be made. I, on the other hand, usually don't want to talk to salespeople and if I do I make the instant decision....I don't even like to hear their speal. Anyway...troll beads, for those who haven't heard of them, are like Pandora beads, somewhat, except every bead they make has a story behind it or a meaning. Anyway, Lauren Sauer had a troll bead bracelet on when she was here and we were fascinated by it. I already told you after that weekend I went and ordered troll beads thinking they would fit the Pandora bracelet (they do not)...but loved them enough to keep them and I used one on Renee's scissor fob in the finishing work. They have a unique set of beads for the ocean. So..the woman starts her spiel, I stop her and asked how much are we talking about here and while the investment is not cheap by any means...remember I'm getting out of Vera Bradley and nothing could be that expensive...final statement...as of next week I'm going to be the Troll Bead retailer in Ocean City. Sara was so excited but I knew that meant Sara wanted a bracelet...but I'm somewhat excited as well because they do have beautiful beads and I love their beads on my scissor fobs....and I'm sure I'll have a bracelet as well. After she left with the confusion that surrounded her, I closed, exhausted and thrilled the store was kept open inspite of the lack of help. I have to tell you, Ocean City is realitivly quiet this week. A woman was in the shop on her cell phone calling someone and was telling them how no one is down here. O.K., we're not packed, but we aren't empty either. But usually at this time of year we are packed....weekly rentals are here, it's the 2 night, 3 night people that aren't using the gas. It will be interesting to see how this all works out at the end of the season. I'm planning on being here though...God willing. Well, now that my keyboard situation is taken care of, I'm going to update the web site. Have a great day, and keep those needles moving.

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