Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Saturday Night....

Well, my day started off brightly, Carol B. learned her lesson from last year (when she didn't bring me donuts) and brought me a dozen donuts (which we all know I need like a hole in the head) so I was off to a running start. Thanks're a peach! Carol, Sara and I are all heading off the the Moss Creek Retreat in October and we can't wait. I was suppose to share the donuts, at least one with Renee, but I'm afraid that by the time I was ready to take one over....the family had eaten them (and I don't mean just me). So I'm afraid Renee lost out this time. I'll make it up to her though. I've spent the day working on a report for the tax office in Snow you know I'm having fun. This is so darn complicated to fill out I really think they make you do it so you give up and say I'll pay whatever you say. But I'm not giving up...I've made a pact with myself to get this damn thing done by Monday when I will walk it down to Snow Hill (O.K. I won't walk 2 you know I'm not walking to Snow Hill)..anyway, it will be done, right or wrong, and handed over. I will feel like a giant weights been lifted at that point (it was suppose to be done 1 month ago...I'm a little late). Other than that my day's been a walk in the park. Unfortunately poor Sara has not only been running her ass off, but she had the pleasant surprise of an eruption in the powder room to clean up. If there is one thing you don't want to hear when you own a hotel is, "you might want to take a look at your bathroom." My policy has always been I will not ask someone to do something I would not do myself. And that includes cleaning up a "shitty" bathroom. I have never asked housekeepers to do that when the shit literally hits the fan, I've always tried to put my gag reflex on hold and done it myself. Thankfully those days are over for me (most of the time) and poor ole Sara has had to take on the duty. And apparently the little old lady Sara let use the powder room just didn't make it. Sara said it was all over the floor, toilet, you name it she hit it. And then she used my little finger tip towels to try to clean it finger tip towels...can you imagine. I just got new ones and I'm sure they are the ones she used. Sara carried those things out to the dumpster without passing go. And of course this would be the time a couple of people offered to take them from her, (they had no clue what was going on), but Sara did it all by herself. Sara is going to win an award for patience and perserverance after this summer...I'm telling you! I'm just grateful to be out of Salty Yarns for a couple of shifts...I go back in tomorrow night...because I know I was on the edge with the slobs pulling on the Vera Bradley. On the edge, enough to say something totally appropriate perhaps, but shouldn't be said by the owner. Well, we don't want to get me started again on that. E-mailed the gals at Fern Ridge...and they are on board with teaching at the 2009 now we're half way home on that Jamboree. Our 2008 Jamboree goodie bags have been arriving all summer and I got an e-mail to let me know the final bags have been sent...whoppee!!!!! That is one job that turned out right (at least I think so...I still haven't opened all the cartons to see if the item is in tact...I guess I better do just that). We don't have as many participants this year, I do believe I've got it back down to 60 which is the perfect number I think. We do have some new participants so that will be good...we like fresh faces and we all do get along so this will be fun. And as usual I didn't get Joyce C. present to her in time for her birthday...sorry Joyce, but Belated Happy Birthday....let's pretend it's the 21st. I really don't know what's wrong with me...I can't seem to rally anymore and catch up. I will say desk has been straightened up for over a week. Yes, over a week. It's scaring the girls...they probably think I'm dying and am trying to get everything in order...and if I am it will come as a surprise to me, but I hope I'm not because my house is an embarrassment since I've not raised a finger to straighten it up since I started working at night. I go home, sit for an hour or two thinking about stitching (that's about all I can muster) and then go to sleep only to wake up in a couple of hours to go to the bathroom and then it's back to sleep for a couple of hours and this goes on until it's morning when I get dressed and go to work. Yea, fun times! But don't feel sorry for me because this is only for 6 months and then the hotel closes and for me that signals days off. So working 14 hour days for a few months pays off in the off season. However, now that people my age are's harder for me to get enthusiastic enough to work 14 hour days. Retirement...ahh, getting up when and if you feel like it and then deciding what you want to do for the day...that sounds like a perfect life. If it is, how come so many retired people are working part time? My father retired and barely got out of the seat again, but my mother kept working until the day she died. She just couldn't sit still. I would love the opportunity to try relaxing everyday...but something tells me that is not in the cards for me. I will say, many, many years ago, after the hotel closed we took the family (the girls were little) to Florida and we left with no time limits upon us. I told the girls in the shop we would return when we felt like it. At first I was fine...called the shop every few days to check in, and we leisurely drove to Florida, stopping in Pawley's Island, Charleston, Savannah and then to Disneyworld. We spent the week, oops, 6 days at Disneyworld and on the 7th day I said, "I swear if I see that mouse again I'm going to kill him. We need to get the heck out of here." The family agreed that perhaps a week was too long for me in Disneyworld and so we left and drove home. I had enough of vacation after 2 weeks. I was itching to get back and go back to work. I feel guilty first of all if I leave the shop. I just know they can't run it without me. (we saw that wasn't the case last year with me in France) But, I'm destined to work forever and I guess I'm alright with that. For those in far away places, the weather here has been questionable at times, but generally it's really sunny and warm during the day and usually warm in the evening and today the humidity is down so that's a good thing. Oops...Connie's calling from the to more if anything ever happens here.

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