Monday, July 14, 2008

On,'s hot, muggy and we're short of help!!HELP!!

Well, day 2 and we're stll in crisis mode, only to the higher power since our morning desk help is off today, plus one housekeeper down, and apparently 2 or 3 more off which means we've had to send in backup today...Sara and Michael, yes, my 7 year old grandson who sees this as an opportunity to pick up some cash, which is his primary motive anymore to do anything is going into battle. Anyway, he loves to dust and run a vacumm, so we sent him in (I'll throw anyone under the cleaning bus rather than go there's everyman for himself at this point). Anyway, running this old hotel is becoming less and less attractive to all of us, however, when we have practically the entire winter off...well, then it looks more attractive. But right now no one's having any fun! Well, it's been almost 1/2 hour and Michael has I suppose his thrill to vacumm and dust are over, bless his heart..he tried. I'm at the front desk having to deal with lovely tenants and then I had one royal pain in the ass, who apparently can't read his bill so he kept arguing with me, and instead of taking the time to explain it to him so he wouldn't have to actually read, I decided since he'd been a pain in the ass from day 1 to just keep saying the same thing right back at him. However, as people were piling up at the desk, I finally had to give in and read to him like he's 6. Apparently he doesn't get to hotels too often or he really can't read...but I choose to think he's a total asshole...and I'm pretty sure I'm right. And if things weren't bad enough, we ran out of bag of ice to sell the people with now they stand there looking at me like I'm the only source of ice in town, outraged that I should run out. Frankly, I'm between I don't give and crap and get the hell away from me so you can imagine the response they are getting from me. Actually, this year Thrashers (right in our building) is also selling bags of ice so I sent one man to them and you would have thought I sent him to the end of the boardwalk. He kept looking at me like I was going to pull a bag out of my butt for him as I kept repeating Thrashers also has bags to sell. I finally said, "Sir, it's the end 'shop' right here on the's about 100 feet...really you can make it. Even I could make it." I know you will be thrilled, as I was, to know he make the trek, all 100 feet, without a guide and somehow managed to haul the ice bag back to his cooler. He probably has to have a nap now.

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