Saturday, November 2, 2019

I've redeemed myself............

In the last post I spoke about my operator error in cross-stitching the pumpkin, well not in the stitching, but in the pre punching of holes.  For those who missed it, I was pushing too hard on the handle of the hand drill and the drill went right through the pumpkin.  Meanwhile, Debbie, Stasi, and Michelle had absolutely no problem with theirs, punched the holes and starting stitching them last Sunday.  Debbie got quite a head start on her Day of the Dead pumpkin, anyway, I was a bit mad that I had made the mistake and left the hotel on Sunday with another pumpkin, this time a small one which I was certain I could do in one sitting.  I had to redeem myself and I'm thrilled to say, mission accomplished!
When I first saw the pattern in Janice's "Pumpkin Palooza" I didn't understand why it was there either.  But once I said it out loud, "why did she put Pi on a pumpkin" I got it and thought it was brilliant.  So when my Mary asked why I did it I told her and she just looked at me like I lost my mind.  I love it and have it proudly displayed, or did until Sara came by and took it back to the shop as a model.  It was the perfect one day project, start to finish.  Now I've also retackled the Day of the Dead pumpkin and I got it repunched and now I'm waiting to get it back from Sara as I needed her husband to cut off the top so I can start stitching.  I started to tackle cutting the top off with Pi, but I chickened out and took it to Vernon to do.  He does it in no time and never has an accident.  I'm not willing to mess up the pumpkin after I've punched out the pattern.  So even though it's after Halloween I'm still punching, and next up, Autumn Blessings which I hope to have done by Thanksgiving.  Of course, this isn't the only thing I'm working on, Christmas is approaching so I'm working on those projects and also I have my year-long project, "Year of Celebration" which I've religiously kept up with.  November was done on time and in the shop on display.   I love that I only have one more to stitch which means I will have completed the series of 12 projects.  December here I come.  This series has been a joy to stitch.  Each one takes no more than 2 days so I was able to get them done on time and in the shop.  Since I hang the model over a hornbook, finishing is also easy.  When you are a model stitcher for a shop it is imperative that you get things done on time. It isn't helpful to get a November model done in January (which is not to say I haven't had that happen, but I try to stay current.)

Well, now we're into November, temperatures have cooled down considerably, so it's feeling a little more like fall.  Things have slowed down considerably here and our events are over the season.   Of course, like many of you, I'm concentrating on the holidays, both Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I also found a new knitting project so I'm keeping busy as I get ready to go back to work 4 days a week UGH!  Yes, the ladies who work the shops take off for the winter right before Thanksgiving weekend, so Sara and I man the shops.  It really isn't a big deal, after all, I use to work 7 days a week in the shops, but I've had the pleasure of a summer in which I worked only about 4 days total so I had the feeling of being retired and I found I loved it.  And when I broke 2 bones in my ankle in February, I didn't work at all until May....sooo that means even more time at home.  But I'm better now and I'm going back.  Thankfully I still love being among all the fibers, linen, charts, etc.  Hopefully, I'll see you there.  Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to turn your clocks back.  (I never reset my clocks when the time jumped forward so I'm already ready to go.)


Lynn said...

Nice work!!

Sally Rutka said...

Thank you Lynn. This small pieces are so much fun to do. Easy stitch and easy finish. Have a wonderful holiday, in case I don't see you before than. Hope to see you again during the winter or in the spring.