Tuesday, November 12, 2019

We had snow....for about 3 minutes at most...........................

Other than that, we've had a day of rain.  Sara and Vernon left at 4:00 a.m. to fly to Arizona for classes at the Attic (Sara not Vernon)this weekend,  so Mary and I are left here to hold down the fort.  Mary's holding it down since I refuse to go into the hotel at this point.  I just have a couple more weeks of retirement and then I'm back 4 days a week.  Since I had some Merry Cox kits Sara was unaware of, I thought I should let her know what I had so she wouldn't buy any of them, should they still be available.  This meant I needed to start cleaning out the stitching room to find them.  At this point, this room is a dumping site for all things Scrapbooking, and stitching.  I usually do a clean up at Christmas but needed to start earlier this year and I've found things I forgot I ever had.  So I'm going to spend the next few days showing you what I have done in the past which became buried.  Just looked outside and it's snowing again...mercy!  I'm sure it will be over before I end this blog, and there is so much water on the ground it will only melt anyway, but it's nice to see.   Now as I was saying, before Sara was born, over 40 years ago, I saw patterns in Family Circle or Good Housekeeping for crochet baby booties.  At the time I don't think I even crocheted, but just wanted to do something for the baby I was carrying, so I got the recommended crochet cotton and began the task.  As I progressed I got more and more excited and I had 4 booties and 1 sandal done by the time she was here.  I carried them to the hospital with me along with a gown to take her home in.  I remember so well the nurse bringing her into me dressed in the white gown with little rosebuds, but her feet were bare.  When I looked at the nurse she said, "I'm so sorry but none of the booties fit her."  I have to say I knew Sara was a large baby at the time.  Everyone commented on what a big baby she was, 9 lbs. 15 oz.  Back then most babies were between 7-8 lbs.  I can't tell you how disappointed I was but also thrilled that she was finally here.  I packed the booties away and waited.  6 years later my Mary came along, out came the booties only to be told this time...no way that baby's feet will fit in those...she was 10 lbs. 12 oz.  Damn..that was it for me.  I put the booties away and forgot about them.  But today stuck underneath a pile of DMC floss was a small gold box and inside that box were the baby booties.  As I look at them I wonder where I found the patience to do these.  They are less than 3" long and so tiny.  Today I knit, rarely crochet and never with cotton, always with yarn.  So these I will hold onto and pray one of my grandsons produced a sweet baby girl who is small enough to wear them.  Of course by then God only knows where I will stick them and forgot where they are.  Anyway, I have to get back to cleaning up...I hope you are having more fun than I am and have a wonderful stitchy night.  

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