Friday, February 6, 2015

Oh, happy day!  The Superbowl weekend was an enormous success, even with our web site down for the entire time.  Drats.  We're so sorry for that, but that wasn't our fault and thankfully Julie, our web person, got us up and running by Sunday, however, I wasn't able to blog until today for some reason.  Anyway, I've been dying to show you some special items I received as  gifts during the weekend.  Just for no other reason than she's sweet, Stasi Burhman handed me the red felt envelope (isn't it cute?) and said, "I have a little something for you."  Her little something was... 3 valentine bags inside the envelope, each with treats for me.  The first bag had some supplies I will enjoy using when I'm finishing my treasures, the second bag was full of the most delicious fudge she made....yummmo(needless to say it's gone now)!  And the 3rd bag had this precious little pin keep made to fit inside a locket (she got from Hobby Lobby) and then she stitched the one side on 52/60 linen (oh,, my!) and the other side she put in fabric with a little padding to hold my needles.  Needless to say the only needles that fit are cute.  I love this idea and she also told me she saw the original done with 32 ct. (I think or 28 ct) so I can replicate this...of course it can't say token of friendship because you need to do that on 52 for it to fit.  But how sweet is this piece.  I couldn't have been more thrilled.

Thank you so much Stasi.  I love, love, love it!  Tomorrow I'll show you my final (I know I said that before, but this time I think I mean it....Christmas gift.)  Unbeknownst to me, Debbie Liming had one more gift to give me.  I got a wonderful Christmas goodie bag when she was here before Christmas and had no idea she wasn't quite done with the stitched portion since the bag was filled with such wonderful treats.  So I was shocked to find another Christmas gift.  To say, "My cup runneth over" is an understatement.  Before I close I want to thank all the ladies from Pennsylvania who made their way here for the Superbowl retreat and shopped with us.  Also the locals who still left their homes to retreat here, as well as the Baltimore ladies who joined us and last, but not least, the Delaware ladies.  We also had several groups who car pooled down to shop and we thank them as well  You all made our weekend really successful so thanks to you all.  We had a full house that was for sure but a wonderful time was had by all.  Plus a whole lot of stitching took place.  Several of us were working on Patriotic Patty for our Sherri Jones class in April.  I have to say it is a fun stitch.  I've enjoyed every moment so far.  Stacy and Debbie from the Delaware Guild are almost done their pre-stitch, however, I got distracted so I am no where close to finishing and Debbie Liming has also faced distractions, but I plan to work on it next week and will hopefully finish it.   (I like to have my prestitch pieces done far ahead of when they are needed.)  We also got in the next part of the Shepherd's Fold on Friday so needless to say, I had to have one right away (part of my distraction) and got it stitched and finished yesterday.  Fun, and so cute, it was a joy to stitch and a great addition to my box.  Drawn Thread's new designs arrived, "Love Birds" just in time for Valentine's day and really a smaller design so it will go quickly.  Their "Treasured Tools" design is so fabulous if you are looking for a case for you scissors and needles.  And the last design is "Love Letters" which is a lovely alphabet sampler.  Mercy there is just not enough time.  Sara wouldn't let me take any of the new designs home (except the Shepherd's Fold piece because we have plenty of them)....I had to let the retreaters have first choice, but as soon as we get in a new supply,  one of each of Drawn Threads will be going home with me.  I love how delicate these designs look and the specialty stitches are so much fun to execute.  So many little time.  Got to run now though, school is about to open for the day.  Down here the sun is shining, and so beautiful, plus the sun distracts us from the cold. 


Debbie Brotzman said...

Sally, I saw the new Drawn Thread designs on their site. I especially like the needle case.

Sally Rutka said...

Hi Debbie, I love the entire thing and can't wait to get started. It promises to be a fun stitch, I think, and best of all, a fast stitch. Amy Wilson had hers stitched and put together in about 2 days. I won't be that fast but I think it will be fast.