Sunday, February 8, 2015

I swear it's over now!

Christmas is done I'm sure this time.  The tree that you see at the top left is my final gift from Debbie Liming.  It is so cute and so perfect for me since I no longer am putting up a tree I can now put this one out and consider my tree up.  It's from Prairie Schooler and while the leaflet is in my stash it's so far back I can't even see it.  So believe me I was thrilled someone stitched it for me.  And the fabulous tree perfect and to tie it up in a bow, the cherry on the top, Debbie found a cookie cutter charm and that is attached around the bottom of the tree.  Love it.  Thank you Debbie for all your hard work in stitching and then finishing so expertly.  Classes do pay off don't they.  The other pictures are the Shepherds Fold part 4, Cherish Life needle book.    I made a couple of changes because as many of you already know I didn't understand the meaning behind the words they put on the pieces at first so I changed it on the first couple and now I'm having to change it on all pieces, so that's why my needle book says "needles and pins", but I'm O.K. with that because the design is still so sweet. Because of that change I moved the middle heart over and put a heart over the house.    In finishing the book, I couldn't get the buttonhole loop to cooperate and finally said the heck with it and just put in a perle cotton string with a thimble charm attached.  And I'm O.K. with that. (you can see the charm on the right picture of the folded book.  This is such a wonderful set.  If you haven't seen all 4 pieces you need to take a look. 

The the last two pictures are of the inside of the book...I wanted you to see the rick rack flower which is actually hidden when the needle page is laying flat.  I'm thinking that I should have cut the needle page in half and then stacked one on top of the other and then the right side with the flower would be visible so you could see it.  Live and learn.  Of course I could have taken it out and redone it, but I opted to let it go.  The bottom picture is the needle book open.  I have to admit I did make a horrific boo boo...I forgot about the buttons and ironed the top of the piece.  It melted the color off the star and melted a little of the black button in the middle of the flower.  After I got done hitting myself in the head I took the buttons off, turned them over and reattached them.  Perhaps I'll remember this next time.  I get close to finishing something and all I can think about is getting it done.  Sometimes you just need to take a breathe, take a moment and then iron.   Once that was finished I decided to get on with Lizzie Kate's mystery sample, "Things Unseen" and I'm almost done with part 2 and will be moving on to part 3 tonight.  I should be done with this in the coming week hopefully because Patriotic Patty is feeling really lonely since I haven't picked it up since Superbowl.  Plus when I got to work today the first  2015 Colonial Gathering kit had arrived. I haven't finished 2014 yet so I'm feeling a little pressure. 

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