Sunday, February 22, 2015

I was just patting myself on the back for finishing the 1st of the Gathering club kits when Mary arrived today with the Chessie and Me club kit and the Ladies Prim Society club kit, so I'm back in the hole again, but I refuse to let it get me down.  Anyway, "Hurt Not the Earth" was our first kit of 2015 from the club and I just love Plum Street Sampling and this was fun to stitch and a breeze to put together.  If you like the look of this, and don't belong to the Gathering Club take a look at Plum Street Samplers web site and look at her designs.  We have most of them in the shop because we all like them.   I have stitched a few of the designs now and I enjoy every one I've stitched.  Her colors are spot on, as are her design elements.  I had fun with this, it was stitched over 2 so it wasn't the strain that an over 1 can put on you.  And then it came as a complete kit so I didn't have to scrounge around for fibers, etc.  While she supplied the backing fabric,  it was a gray blue and I just didn't think it looked as nice as some of my fabrics,  (you know I just love to buy Moda fabric), so I looked in my stash and found a piece that was perfect colorwise as the colors are picked up from the design and matched the chenille edging that went around the pillow perfectly.  Fun, Fun, Fun and since I finished that I decided to restitch Purple Threads, "Back to Spool."  I stitched it once for a Christmas Gift but always knew I'd stitch it again for a shop model.  So it was a one day, start to finish piece and as always when you are finishing, I found an easier way to put it together so I'm feeling really smart right now.  But with 2 finishes this week I now have to pick out something else to start...whoppee!  The best news in the start!  Since Sara didn't want me slipping and sliding on the ice on the road today, she instructed me to stay home.  I was already to head down to the shop, but I am afraid of falling so I gave it a little thought and between she, Vernon and Michael decided it might be better if I stayed home and started packing for Nashville.  Oh...I can't wait.  As usual there's a lot to get done before we actually pull out on Tuesday morning, but I've got a head start since I started today, so I should be able to get it all done.  (fingers crossed). I can't wait to see the new charts an stuff.  We've already put in a couple of orders to pick up while we're down there and there are a  few I've seen that I know I want to do so I don't want to start something big now so I can start one of the things we pick up in Nashville while I'm in Nashville.  I love being ahead (you wouldn't know that from how far behind I am in club pieces, but it's my goal).    Last year I picked up a kit from Shepherd's Bush in Nashville, stitched it and posted it the next day and we heard a few people in the halls talking about how they saw someone had finished the Friendship piece by Sheoherd's Bush already and posted it.  For once I was ahead of the crowd, but that doesn't happen often.  Perhaps I'll work on my class piece....we're a little over a month away from Sherrie's class so it would be nice if I'd get the pre-stitch done.  I have to say I usually always have my pre-stitches done early so I'm sure I'll come through this time as well, especially since I'll actually be taking the class instead of Sara.  With the Tangles in town and the class, Sara felt it was best if I wasn't  the one in the shop (I think that is an indication that I'm too slow and perhaps not as focused as I need to be) and amazingly enough....I'm ok with that.  So I'll be helping in the shop before and after class.  In the meantime...I must get ready for a day at Toys R Us with my Izi, who is turning 5 and couldn't decide what he wanted and so we're going over to let him survey the store and pick out what he wants.  The best's been raining since yesterday afternoon so the snow is all but gone.  The bad part is it's raining and the fact that Izi won't be able to choose so I could be in Toys R Us until next week.  Well, I do have to be home by Tuesday for our annual Nashville ride.  Can't wait.  Have a great day

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