Monday, February 9, 2015

Progress being made....

Progress is being made on "Things Unseen" the mystery sampler by Lizzie Kate.  Of course as I've stitched this one I'm on the constant lookout for places to stick a bead or two.  I don't know what it is about me that I'm always looking for a place to stick a bead.  Almost an obsession...anyway, I've got a few ideas but won't be certain until I finish part 3.  Since I hate borders (well I hate the repetition of the stitching of borders) I always work my border along with my piece.  If I try stitching my border first, I always made a counting mistake and end up having to take some of it out, so I learned long ago to work the border along with the piece and that doesn't happen.  Also when I'm done stitching the body of the sampler, I don't have to go back and stitch the boring (for me) border.  Just got a call from Sara telling me to stay home today and I'm thinking I might just do it.  Since I worked Superbowl weekend I haven't had a full day off for 2 weeks so this will be a welcome reprise.  I just wish I could sit here and stitch all day, but alas I have a lesson plan to devise and my  house could really use a cleaning, so I guess my day off has become my cleaning day...rats!!!!  It's truly lovely outside with the sun shining brightly and the weather in the 40's.  I can't imagine what those in the Northeast are going through with snow after snow.  I use to wish for a snow day periodically, but since our year with 22 inches in a 2 week span I've decided I can look at the snow on T.V. elsewhere and just be happy to be snow free.  I guess I better get to cleaning.  Have a great day.

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