Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow was a no show here...yikes !!!!!

Yikes....because I listened to the weatherman on Monday and figured there would be no school due to a blizzard, I told Michael to stay up and watch the "Sons of Liberty" on the History Channel, as we just finished studying that in his history class.  I even said, "if it doesn't snow just come in a couple of hours late," of course I was certain there would be enough snow for us to stay home.  Unfortunately for us, History Channel put that show  on at 9:00 p.m., which is when Michael is usually going to bed.  But Sara, also thinking we were going to have a snow day, O.K'd his staying up.  Imagine my dismay when at 2:00 a.m., Tuesday morning,  I looked out the door and saw nothing but a little frost on the car.  I knew then I was in trouble sleep wise.  Michael woke up at his normal time and we had school on schedule.  Darn that weather channel.  With the Superbowl approaching, the blizzard forecasted brought to mind the blizzard we actually had a few years ago Superbowl Weekend.  We had our 3 groups of retreaters staying at the hotel for the weekend and wondered if they would even come with the blizzard in the forecast.  Bless their hearts, the entire Pennsylvania crew showed up, and I'm pretty certain Stacy Stinson came and we had so much fun that weekend.  I told the stitchers to come to the shop on Saturday in the p.j's since I knew no one would be driving in that weather and so we'd be alone in the shop.  Sara made food and brought it in and we had a p.j. shopping party all day.  While I knew we weren't in for that much snow even if the blizzard of 2015 arrived, the memories were so warm and fuzzy I wouldn't have cared if it did come.  We haven't had a p.j. party in Salty Yarns since.    I've been busy getting things done for the weekend.  I finally got Something Wicked by Sam Sarah Designs "finished" and put on it's metal stand.  I just love it.  Now it was an easy finish...thank God!!!!!  Since I was finished with a gift I was stitching (so I can't show it here yet), I decided to pull out "Jingle All the Way" which was a special edition kit from Lizzie Kate for Christmas.  While I don't usually stitch Christmas after the actual holiday, at least not until sometime near the end of summer, I decided to get it out of the "to do" tote and just have a fun, fast and easy stitch.  I was able to finish the stitch, and made it into a small pillow in one day.  Win, Win!!!!  The fabric comes with the kit, not only Jobelyn (28ct), but the front and back fabric as well so I didn't have to pull any bins out (win win for me).  Lizzie Kate's pillows are always so easy to finish...Thank You!  Fast and easy is still my motto, my goal and my everything.  I was debating putting the small ball edging on this one, but we didn't have the right color in the shop so I stuck with the jingle bells included in the kit.  I think it turned out cute and now I'm ahead of 2015 Christmas stitching.  Of course, once that was done it was time to think about moving on to a new project (oh, heart started beating faster -- can that be considered my cardio for the day?)  Since I have started cleaning up my stitching room (yes again!) I unearthed a hornbook piece from Milady's Designs,( I had finished the stitch portion but never put it on the hornbook) and decided to finish it.  The designer instructed you to finish it by lacing card stock behind the linen with some padding (which is why it was still sitting in the sitting room unfinished), however, I have done many hornbooks by now and several of them finish with just a nun's stitch and then are attached so that's what I'm doing.  But first I had to do the nun stitch so before I let myself start something new.....I finished the nun's stitch and now it's a matter of cutting out the piece and attaching it to the hornbook, easy peasy.  Then I let myself start my Sherri Jones class prestitch, "Patriotic Patty."  I'm a patriotic fanatic, love just about all stitching for our red, white and blue, so Patriotic Patty is right up my alley.  I was riding the fence about stitching her at first but then I saw it finished last year when Sherri was here and that just pushed me over the line.  Had to have her and the fabulous box she goes with.  So before Michael got here Wednesday morning I got the fabric ready and I've begun the stitch.  It's really a fun stitch, not too intense, lots of different stitches but they are fun stitches so this is a pleasure to work on.  Well, I think I better get to my finishing....2 projects to finish and then I can get back to stitching.  Still working on the Lizzie Kate, 2014 Mystery Sampler, "Things Unseen".    Have a great weekend.

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